Today I’m using an old trading method, solely because it has been by far my favourite trading method this FIFA for the following reasons:

  • It’s high profit
  • It requires very little thinking
  • You are extremely unlikely to receive a market ban
  • He budget requirements are relatively low, as it can be done from 10k upwards, however 100k is much more preferable
  • Multiple people use this method
  • This method is Companion App friendly
  • Both consoles are able to use this method

I have mentioned this method before, but over time it becomes obsolete. This is why we need to use this method for the next 5 days as much as possible and maximise our profits…

So which method am I on about?

I am on about the TOTW sniping method. Here is how you use it:

To begin with, find out the minimum value of TOTW cards by setting up this filter

  • Quality: Special
  • Min Price: 10,000
  • Max Price: 15,000,000
  • Min Buy Now: 10,250
  • Max Buy Now: 11,000

(on mobile, don’t enter the max price)

You will find a few Scream cards as well as UCL cards and Silver TOTW cards. These can all be ignored.

Keep holding the Max Buy Now by one until you’re finding Gold TOTW cards in the search. Keep upping the amount until you can find TOTW cards listed until 50 minutes remaining or higher (for example, there won’t be any to be found at 45 minutes, or at 32 minutes. You will only see 50-59 minutes)

I searched at max Buy Now of 11,750 and the first Gold TOTW I found has 56 minutes remaining. When I up this to 12,000, I’m finding them at 3 minutes remaining

That means that all Gold TOTW cards are currently selling at 11,750.

This is our sell value. When we sell cards, we need to know how many coins we’re actually getting back after tax, and you can find this by multiplying your sell price by 0.95

11,750 x 0.95 = 11,162.5

When it lands on 0.5, the value is upped to the next whole number and so we will receive 11,163 coins for our sale. If we buy our cards at 11,250 and sell for 11,750, we would lose 87 coins on each sale. If we buy at 11,000 we make 163 coins per card. So we now make a buying filter:

  • Quality: Special
  • Min Price: 9,900
  • Max Price: 15,000,000
  • Min Buy Now: 10,000
  • Max Buy Now: 11,000 (your buying value)

(On mobile, don’t enter a max price. Use the min price to update each search by searching the market, then moving the min price down once and searching again. Lower it another 100 and repeat to keep updating the market)

As you can see, Im finding these cards by using the search filter and scrolling to the 59th minute:

From here I quickly purchase the two gold TOTW cards and relist for the selling price of 11,750. I will make 163 coins from Aleman and 913 coins from Lodeiro. I will make a total of 1,076 coins from a single search.

Update your transfer market and search again. Not every search will see a card to buy and sometimes you will go a minute or two without finding anyone or winning anyone. Other times, you will find you can pick up 10 cards in 2 searches. This method is overall very consistent and brings back in big profits.

If you pick up a player, check their price in case they’re worth more than your set selling price. You may find that prices are actually higher, and this will be very true on higher rated cards (82+) or old TOTW cards.

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