With most guides, I start off with something super safe as an investment, and usually some of he investments I like the look of the most. With that said though, today starts off with something much more risky…

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored his first hattrick with Juventus, and at none other than a perfect time. Losing 2-0 in the first leg of the Champions League, Juve needed 3 goals to advance, and Ronaldo did what he does best, and performed when he was needed most.

Scoring 3 goals in not only a big game, but an important one against another great side has without a doubt secured him with a new 96 Rated LW special card, which will come in the form of a UCL MOTM or a Hero Card.

It doesn’t matter which of these drops, Ronaldo will have his ST position OTW card updated to 96 Rated whenever this card drops.

Here is the catch though:

Many players will believe that Ronaldos special card will drop with TOTW, or tomorrow. There is a strong chance that this doesn’t happen and instead will be released alongside other MOTM/Hero Cards, similarly to Rashford and Tadic

Because of this, there is potentially some panic to be found on Ronaldos OTW card after the reveal and release of TOTW

Essentially what we can be looking at is to see if there is a significant dip at any point before the release of the MOTM/Hero Card, and if there is, then get in on it and sell once back at a regular price.

With all this said, this is a high risk and low reward investment, so I won’t be going for it, but it could be something to look at if you have tons of coins sitting about with nothing to do with them


On the topic of MOTM/Hero Cards, we will take look back into the card we suggested just a few days ago.

Rashford is up 15k since yesterday and so I wouldn’t try to buy any more today, unless you spot on for under 280k on PS4, or under 290k on XB1. The best sell time for him will be tomorrow (Thursday Rewards)

Rodrigo is also up 10k already and so I would do exactly the same as with Rashford and look to sell up during rewards tomorrow.


There is still time to get in on some TOTWs before they’re out of packs later!

Vargas is the cheapest available 81 Rated, and despite him having awful links, is still very useful in completing SBCs in the cheapest way possible. Seriously, pick some up, you’re looking at making 1-2k per card which is actually pretty insane. I would try to pick him up at 11.5k and under.

The exact same goes for Van Persie

14k max on this card and you’re looking to sell him for somewhere around the region of 15.5k out of packs after a couple of days. Such easy profit.

Whilst this is a short guide, don’t worry, we have another dropping tonight where we will take a look at the newest TOTW, get some target prices, as well as analyse some games for this Weekend and Live Cards that have great potential (as we didn’t do this last week)

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