Jump onto this method quick. This method is incredible and will earn you easy coins for today and tomorrow.

The selling price of ALL gold cards in each position varies but is more than the discard price. Because of this, we can simply mass bid cheap on cards and sell them off for bulks of profit at a time.

How do you do it? We need to create a filter

First select a position from the following:

  • GK
  • LB
  • RB
  • CB
  • CDM
  • CM
  • CAM
  • RM
  • LM
  • ST

(Other positions don’t work!)

Next you need to keep upping the Max Buy Now until you find players with 59 mins remaining. If you’re finding players that have been listed for more than 1 minute and not sold, then your Max Buy Now is too high.

Here’s what I got for each position, however these can change. So please check what the price is at the time that you’re bidding. If the price is 350 then it will not work, but anything above will:

  • GK – 400
  • LB – 600
  • RB – 600
  • CB – 400
  • CDM – 400
  • CM – 400
  • CAM – 400
  • RM – 450
  • LM – 450
  • ST – 400

Finally you need to create your filter like this:

  • Quality: Gold
  • Max Bid Price: 350
  • Position: *Any Listed Position*

Now you simply need to mass bid on all of the players that you can. Bid on around 25, and then check your transfer list. You will find that you have won a lot of them. Use Futbin to find the price of each player and list them up 50-100 coins cheaper than what they’re worth, with the lowest value you list them at being the price you find them only listed for 1 minute, minus 50 coins. Some players will make you 200 coins, others will make you 1-2k. This method is very simple and will make plenty of coins fast for you.


I will choose a random position. Let’s say LB.

I will then put into the search filter:

  • Quality: Gold
  • Position: LB

I next set the Max Buy Now to 350 coins. No results. So il move it to 400 coins. No results. Next I move it to 450 coins, and again no results. I continue this until I hit 600 coins. It has found players but they all have the time remaining of 59 minutes or more. I then raise my Max Buy Now price to 650 and find that there’s lots of LB’s listed with 20 minutes remaining. We don’t want this so we will go back one, to 600, where we found cards only with 59 minutes remaining.

We will remember that my value was 600, so just not pay more than our value minus 100, which in this case is 600 – 100 which is 500. Do not pay more than 500 coins for a gold LB.

Create a search filter like so:

  • Quality: Gold
  • Position: LB
  • Max Bid Price: 350

I now mass bid on all the players I see. Il win lots of them. I then will check futbins prices to see what they’re worth and list them up slightly cheaper. If I see they’re valued at 1,400 then il list for 1,300. Or if they’re valued at 700, il list for 650. If they’re showing up as our value of 600 from earlier, then we will list them for 600 coins as we know they will sell.

Once the cards are listed, search again and repeat.

You can apply this concept, not only to positions, but nations or leagues too, if you’re struggling to sell cards or win them, consider changing this

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