Tonight has potential to be a big night on FUT. we are likely to see some SBCs drop tonight…

As NepentheZ has tweeted, these are what we are expecting to occur around now. None of these are confirmed, so we can’t say for sure, but we are more than likely receiving something along these lines tonight.


In the case that we get Movember cards tonight, I think we will be very lucky. We didn’t get them last year and probably won’t get them this year either.

Movember Cards are still within the game files, however this is believed to be left over code from FIFA 17, where we had the original set released. At the time, it was dubbed as the worst promo to occur, however with a few tweaks could easily have been a very good promo.

For those that don’t know, we received 2 sets of players, all with a +1 Rating and a +5 Physical boost.

In the case that we somehow do receive these SBCs, expect plenty of updates on my Twitter and likely a new guide on how we will approach the promotion.

FUT Swap November

Whilst some users were a little disappointed with FUT Swap October, I believe that we will be seeing November’s batch again.

As most of you will already be aware, we had the choice of 4 players to earn by completing Challenges ranging from SBCs to Weekly Challenges, which rewarded players with FUT Swap cards that acted as tokens to exchange for these upgraded cards.

Given that this increased the play time of the average user, I’m almost certain we will see these again. October’s set was released 06/10/18 so we don’t have a guarantee that the next set will be released today. The current SBCs expire today at 18:00 GMT so we will have to wait until then to see.

I believe that the concept behind these will be exactly the same as previously, however we may see a different amount of Tokens available/required for players

In October, we had 14 tokens total available, with the top 2 players being 12 tokens to earn. We could even see a dramatic change to this, such as 28 tokens available and 25 being needed for a higher tier player:

FUT Swap November Concept

There isn’t too much in terms of investing when it comes to FIT Swap, although be on the look out for any valuable players that could be great SBC fodder, or alternatively any SBC requirement changes in order to earn the cards, as there may be avenues where certain players increase in price dramatically, however we will have to see much closer to the time.

League SBCs

We have no real way of accurately predicting which league will be the next to be released. Instead, just buy silvers from each team over time for each league. Don’t simply buy tons of cards, try to win each one for an extremely low price as they fluctuate often. Also don’t buy multiple of a card. Hold a single one in the club as to not take up TL space.

When it comes to selling, here is the gameplan for when the SBCs drop:

With the cards you don’t sell, hold for a few days at least and then sell once happy.

If the league has lots of bronze players, BPM works very well.

Icon SBC Set 3

I think that most people know what’s going on with Icon SBCs so far. We haven’t seen all that much so far in terms of variety, so we can be pretty confident when it comes to requirements. One thing to look out for this time is a lack of an Icon requirement. If we don’t see one in the next set, expect the lower tier icons to drop in value.

Another requirement that comes up more often than not is TOTW cards with a higher rating. These players are already up in value as preparation for the Icon SBCs. This pattern will continue to occur every 2 weeks (so in 12-13 days time would make a great day to mass invest in higher rated, cheap TOTW cards and sell again during the hype for the Icon SBCs themselves).

I plan to invest on the drop of players though. Depending on the requirements we see, there is lots of potential for the mass listing of some TOTW cards that are not needed in this Icon Set. By looking out for these players, you can get in on the low and sell again during a price rebound. Players I would be looking at for this are as follows:

Casillas is Spanish which is in his favor for his price, however being from Liga Nos as well as being a GK, means that he is slightly less valuable. He can be invested in at 20k however could drop down to a very minimum of 18k if there are no Icon SBCs tonight. Either way, this price as it stands is way too cheap for his card, making him a great longer term investment

You can see here that he is significantly the cheaper 84 Rated TOTW card.

Nani and Demirbay offer some much better links for SBCs as well as good positions too. The prices they’re sat at are also the cheapest of the 83 Rated TOTW cards, and will be rising once out of packs regardless.

I would expect prices to rise on these cards in the same fashion as Casillas.

These SBCs will offer the chance of a surprise requirement needing Scream Cards to keep the price up.

This avenue however is by far much less likely and I don’t see us needing these cards until FUTMAS, however anything could happen.

Flashback Friday SBC

The final SBC we could expect tonight is a Flashback Friday SBC. We haven’t had one for a while now, so it would be a great time to keep the hype for here kinds of SBCs up.

Requirements for this SBC I can expect to be the same as last time where we need a couple squads with a decent rating and cards from the team of the players club (at the time of them being as good as they were). Because of this, predicting which players to invest in will prove very difficult…

My expectations would be for EA to stray away from another La Liga SBC, given that they released Juanfran previously.

This doesn’t help us tons however we did see a player list of FIFA Mobile recently where they have a similar promotion. I expect they will use a majority of these players in the Flashback Friday SBCs

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