FUT Birthday is almost over and I can quite happily say that it was nowhere near as successful as I would have liked it to be. Our main investment and plan rode on an SBC that EA never released. With that said, I wouldn’t be calling this a failure, as other investments also disburse in price, which I’m very happy to see.

With that now addressed, I’m completely revamping our trading plans (to an extent) so that we can trade smart, and make big money.

83/84 Rated cards do in fact sell for profit. Whilst it is only a fraction of what we were hoping for, te still positive. I’m simply listing up mine for a few hundred coins profit on each card. I’m getting around 10-15 sales an hour too which is quite good (don’t press “relist all”, list each card individually each time and you will notice your sales increase massively)

Alternatively, you can play a massive waiting game for TOTS. This is far from ideal, but we do know when it is rumoured to drop:

Info was given to me a while back about TOTW starting April 12th, which is very much possible.

I did briefly mention this at the time to you guys but it wasn’t very relevant so it was something I mostly skipped over.

With this info however, it’s worth noting that whilst the source has been correct about a ton of stuff so far, they also have managed to get a few things wrong so take this with a pinch of salt.


This TOTW has some VERY tasty looking out of packs investments. Surprisingly, they aren’t all through the roof with prices, and so this is providing us with a buying period.

Firstly, I would start by avoiding 84’s now as they’re slightly too overpriced for my liking

83’s follow suit on this one and so I’m ignoring them too.

82’s however are around 3-4k coins too cheap right now, making Pyatov and Dmitrovic some solid investments.

Don’t forget that the most popular league to create SBC solutions with is LaLiga! The 81’s, specifically Cheryshev and Moreno are huge investments, being massively undercooked right now!

What is even better for all of these TOTWs is that they’re in SBC solutions right now that need Chemistry.

Once the available Mid Icon SBC expires, high rated prices will begin to drop again, making Icon SBCs much more obtainable for players, and this just means that we will see more and more users completing Icon SBCs and pushing up old TOTW prices (TOTW 28 will be old just after the Icon SBC expires)

The 81 Rated players look by far like the most solid picks.


Plenty of new predictions have come down, meaning that plenty of players will begin buying cards off of the market that are set to rise…

As we can see, one player making the predictions each time is Zapata. By getting another upgrade, his Headliner will also receive an upgrade.

We can see that he has already began rising, and by a lot. I expect this to continue up until late tomorrow.

You can easily pick him up now and flip him tomorrow for more. Be on the lookout for any price dips too as they seem pretty common.

Right now, some predictions are also saying that Balotelli could get into TOTW.

2 Goals in a draw probably isn’t enough, however that won’t stop other players from investing in his card at the last moment possible.

He hasn’t risen in price yet but I think we can sell him for 27-28k a card. It’s not much but it’s because I simply can’t see him getting into TOTW.

Link Investments

We aren’t actually looking at TOTW for link investments this week. Instead, we’re heading over to the Weekly Objective.

Boateng and Milinkovic-Savic are both very good cards and they’re extremely attainable. I can see a lot of players going into the next Weekend League using these two cards.

Two players that stick out a lot are Kimmich and Goretzka

Goretzka is at a nice price right now to start picking him up, ready to sell on Thursday night.

Kimmich is way too high in price right now, but I’m hoping to see him drop in value significantly, when the Icon SBC ends and then we will be looking out for a much better price, around 20k for his card.

Im looking at Cáceres too, linking to Lukaku and Milinkovic-Savic

Ultimate Scream

On the topic of Ultimate Scream, the next and final set of boost takes place of April 12th and every player will be getting 2x 99 stats! Some of these cards are about to become very good and we want to get in on them nice and early.

One of my favourite cards is Forsberg, simply because whichever stats he gets boosted, he will be an insane card. Even better if his DEF goes back to 33 and any two other stats are boosted and he will be worth a fortune!

All of the cheaper guys are extremely worth buying, because there will be a lot of hype leading up to April 12th causing these cards to rise significantly!

A few more players are hidden beasts, with Shaquiri and Calhanoglu having huge potential to get insane cards, as well as Dost, who is much more risky, simply because if he loses his pace, then he becomes a dead card completely.

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