What I have noticed, is that player prices are either rising on some players, or very stable on others.

Whilst we could simply wait it out over the next 24 hours to see where we could be standing, I don’t believe the risk involved is worth it.

The trap in question, is the idea that investments are about soar up in price. Yes, it’s a possibility, but a possibility is still a risk, which could go the other way.

Because of this, I’m selling off a few investments:


Rising in price, more likely due to his higher rating compared to his price tag in the Bundesliga, I think that he isn’t being heavily invested in by others, due to the lack of knowledge in their being a Bundesliga POTM. His current selling price is 6.6k+ (6.5k for a quick sale if you have a lot of them), which is a high price compared to what he usually is. Il be sure to buy his card back if he reaches below 5.6k again, which is likely, during TOTW 2.


Felipe has also taken a very sudden turn today, rising from 1.4k last night, all the way up to 2k today. Il definitely be capitalising on this rise to make a nice chunk of profit, and will look to buy back at 1.5k or lower during TOTW 2.


He hasn’t risen as much as I would like but is definitely in the profit zone. His low rating and high price tag worries me going into TOTW 2 as I think the hit he could take on his price tag could be a few 1000 coins. I’m looking to sell him off for 28k a card which will free up a lot of coins. I don’t plan to buy him back without a very significant drop in price, which is unlikely to happen, and so plan to use those coins on other investments later tonight (undecided, il let you guys know ASAP)


The exact same situation goes with Fred as it did with Kondogbia, a lot of risk that he could drop in price heavily, but also a lot of profit potential in him too. Whilst the risk is up to you on if you should hold through TOTW 2 with the potential of getting into it and his NIF rising in price, I won’t be risking it and taking a profit where I can.

As for other cards being held, they have held their price tag and could take a small dip in price but is unlikely due to them all being very low priced cards already. With Depay, he hasn’t budged in price, however the market as a whole has risen. I believe he is lagging behind due to over investment, and so just keep an eye on his price. 24k+ for his card is ideal, if he hits that later in the day

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