Personal Update:

Sorry for a lack of content as of recently, you may have also noticed that my Twitter activity has dropped significantly too. This is simply due to me moving house and having very little time to analyse the market. Not only that, but I’ve been working on a YouTube/Twitch Set up which is finally complete and ready to go. The upload schedule for guides will be returning back to normal. As for Videos and Streams, I have no schedule as of yet, but am looking to get into one for consistent content.

Trading Guide:

FUTMAS has been a bit underwhelming, with plenty of complaints to be found, with very little praise, and it really does look like EA found a way to ruin FUTMAS. The entire promo itself has lacked a lot, given that a large majority of the available SBCs returned very little value for money, as well as having little demand for each player.

As a result of this and a lack of TOTW requirements, we haven’t seen the rise in price like we wanted to, however there has been a rise in price anyway, which means that we’re still making profit.

I’ve began to offload my TOTW players, bought at 12.5k and under, for 13.5-14k depending on the card. This is not the target 18k price point I was hoping to make sales at, which is a shame, because if the promo was any good, we would be seeing huge profits. Instead we’re looking at an average return of around 5% of our original investment, which is pretty poor.

As for any 83+ high chem players however, these were certainly the biggest money makers of this event, which I did recommend but didn’t invest heavily in

I believe that now is definitely the right time to sell these cards if you haven’t already, as a lot seem to have peaked in price.

The New Plan:

With the introduction of new Icon SBCs, we have also been given an amazing opportunity to trade using my favourite method this year, sniping all special cards in the 59th minute.

This method is super effective because it isn’t overall competitive in terms of speed needed, you can make anywhere between 500 coins to 4,000 coins per card, with some cards getting you over 50,000 coins.

If you need reminding, here’s how we do it:

As of right now, all TOTW cards will sell for 13,000 coins. After tax, that returns 12,350 coins. If we set our filter up with the following:

And scroll to the 59th minute:

There are tons of deals available, each of which will return 350+ coins by simply buying and listing up again. It is as simple as that.

Make sure to change the Min Bid Price every time you search to update your search results.

If you pick up a player worth a bit more, make sure to sell them for their actual value! If you pick up an old TOTW card, they tend to go for much more!

What else can we do?

Next week, we’re expecting TOTW 15 SBCs to drop, and this will be a repeat on TOTW 10 SBCs, where 83 rated cards jump to 3.5k. We will have 2 buying opportunities for 83/84 rated cards. The first of which will be in a few days time when FUTMAS is getting closer to ending, which will push these players prices down:

Were looking to only pay a max of 1.2k for our 83 rated cards and 3.5k on our 84s however there is a strong chance that we will end up picking up the 84s for 4k instead, making the 83 Rated players much better picks.

The second opportunity to buy comes when the SBC drops. When this happens, many players begin to list their investments up and this means that prices don’t reach their full potential. 83 rated players may only cap our at 2.8k as a result, meaning we can buy them all and sell after 1-2 days for 3.5k+. As for the 84s, we want to be paying a max of 4.5k in this situation, and look to sell for 5.5-6k in 1-2 days time after this.

As for Now, Trading is the way to go. With the latest Icon SBC additions to the game, many higher rated players are up in value:

This makes these cards absolutely amazing for sniping and bidding on, as lots of people don’t realise that they’re now worth more, so they lost at the players old prices!

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