So it seems that a new card has been found in concept squads! A 92 Rated RW Bale is in the game, but isn’t currently available to us yet. We can actually see the card type is supposed to be a TOTY Nominee card, just like Silva’s new SBC card

So how do we approach this card?

Let’s start by considering how we obtain him. Whilst he COULD be in packs, this looks unlikely due to the previous TOTY Nominee card being an SBC.

Next, we can look into the requibments to get some kind of idea…

Playing for Man City and being Spanish means that these were David Silva’s requirements. From this, we will have to assume that we will need Real Madrid players and Welsh players for Bale.

We also need to factor in his price. Bale is a very high end card and so his value will be much higher than that of David Silva. This can be adjusted to in a few ways.

1. Increase the rating requirements on each part of the SBC

2. Increase the amount of TOTW/Special cards needed to complete each part of the SBC

3. Introduce more squads to submit to complete the SBC

4. A combination of the previous 3

Because we have no other SBCs to go off of here, we have very little data to work with to figure out the best investments.

Another problem is that other players will start to prepare for this SBC and so prices of some players will already begin increasing.

If we take a look at a few key players that may help us, and also see if they have reasonable prices, we can make a decision on who to pick up:

The only higher rated TOTW cards from LaLiga that have a good price tag, are also the ones currently in packs. Due to being in packs, they will have a large supply, but will almost definitely make into SBC solutions. On top of that, they will hold their value, simply due to being needed in Icon SBCs. Either way, these cards you can’t lose coins on (if somehow they do drop more, they will rise pretty quick once out of packs!)

Arthur also makes for a very usable card too, so out of packs, he should hopefully fly up in value, so keep an eye out on his card.

The Bale SBC will probably last for 1 week (the same as Silva), which means that these cards will go out of packs at some point whilst the SBC is still available!

Due to there being very few options when is comes to Wales, I expect this part of the SBC to be either very cheap or very expensive and unpredictable, meaning that we won’t be investing for this part of the SBC

(Other players such as Davies and Ramsey are already up in value and now is a sell time rather than a buy time!)

I think that there is good chance that there will be extra parts to this SBC, given it will easily be 750k+ to complete. The card has likely been awarded for his incredible goal in the Champions League against Liverpool, so we could even see Liverpool players as part of the requirements. This would create a demand for EPL players too…

In the same situation once again as the LaLiga TOTWs, these cards are going to be pretty much impossible to lose out on, due to them being incredibly cheap and having huge demand once out of packs.

These guys are likely to be huge profit returns if we see them needed for POTM, being released tomorrow!

Speculation is heavy surrounding the idea that it could be Son, Salah or Van Dijk, but the problem is that we won’t know for sure. The only reasonable investments we can make in this situation is usually high rating, but most players are still too high of a price. 83-86 rated players are still at a reasonable price of 1k, 2k, 7k and 15k respectively, but these could still drop in value. Going back to our cross investment of EPL TOTW cards, we can see we’re getting a fantastic deal on Fraser and Sakho

Simply due to the fact that we can’t tell who will win POTM, it makes investing problematic and so being general with these investments and covering multiple possible routes is one of the better choices to make.

TOTY is now fully in packs, all the way up until Monday at 18:00 GMT, and these cards are very unpredictable!

So many players are opening packs that we’re seeing TOTY cards get cheaper and cheaper

The perfect buy time for these cards is tough to guess but I’m assuming that right before they go out of packs will be the time to pick them up, simply because of the shear demand for these cards at their cheap prices once no longer available to us. We will have to continue waiting to see when exactly we should buy these cards, but either way they’re getting very cheap looking!

Right now, I would be looking out for lightening rounds and sniping/bidding on some of these LaLiga and EPL TOTWs and getting some good deals on them, as they all have the best potential and the least amount of risk involved.

If you’re looking for a much cheaper long term options, here you go:

You will easily be getting 16k for this card once out of packs next week, but a slow rise to 15k will occur once less people are opening packs. Certainly a player to send to the club if you can and by far the safest investment with a good amount of profit coming back from his card.

The reason he will rise is that he is the cheapest 83 rated IF by a mile and has some good links with other cheap cards for SBC purposes. With the right SBCs, he could even be 17-18k each

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