So looking across the players in batch 1 its clear to see there is a pattern in the prices so it should be rather easy to manipulate in our favour.
The below video talks you through exactly what to do, when to buy and who to buy!

Its a very simple video, very simple advice but i promise you it will be very effective!!

To break it down simply:

  1. Batch 2 comes out on 17th
  2. Cards will take a downward spiral until rewards on Thursday
  3. Can sell on Sunday if happy with the profit OR wait until the cards go out of packs

This principle can be used no matter what special cards are in packs, look at who you want to invest in, and on rewards day, go in on them.
If they are or are not out of packs on the coming Wednesday, their prices will still increase from the price you picked them up on the Thursday

Below is an example of one of the cards from Batch 1, the cards went into packs on wednesday 3rd

Rebic starts off at 40k the day he comes into packs and then takes a steep drop down to 18k during Thursday rewards, and this is the time we stack our clubs with these types of special cards and we can either hold them until they go out of packs the following Wednesday OR you could sell them on the Sunday (as shown in above picture) Rebic jumps up 7k from Rewards day to Sunday, so if you’re happy with that profit for a 3 day hold, feel free to sell and move onto your next trade.

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