Prices are changing throughout FUTMAS, and as we come to the last 3 sets of FITMAS player SBCs, 83-86 Rated players are beginning to take a price hit, as players no longer want to hold these players at the risk of losing value on them if the SBCs are awful

With that said, a drop in price is exactly what we’re looking for to invest in!

84 Rated Fluctuations:

These are relatively risky. Big losses could be made on these cards, but at the same time, there could easily be huge profits too, and here’s why; These are key players for almost every SBC around, wether it’s a FUTMAS Player SBC that needs 83 Rating or 86 rating. They’re still needed. And when incomes to Icon SBCs, which we’re expecting another to drop still, 83-87 Rated teams will continue to push up their prices

With that said, if there’s no demand, then there is just panic selling before FUTMAS is over and we begin to lose coins, which is why there is an element of risk involved

Take a look at Fabregas for example, and how he has fluctuated over the last 2 days:


18:00 GMT comes along and we see a price spike up to 7.5k for his card


18:00 GMT comes along and we see the price plummet from 6.8k down to 5k.

Fabregas as a card probably won’t drop further than 4.5k with the available SBCs anyway, making him slightly lower risk, but there is no guarantee he rises.

Because of this, I’ve picked up a few to be safe. That list hasn’t ended with Fabregas though, with other players such as Rodrigo and Gundogan also landing on my Transfer List:

Other players to look out for include out of pack players:

Right now, Pizzi doesn’t really interest me due to being pretty high in price already, however a card like Aurier or Moreno has some pretty good potential. If these guys are needed in an SBC, expect their prices to rocket up. I personally haven’t bothered to pick any up however this is definitely something to look into given they’re out of packs for well over a week still

Going back to the original point of 83-86 rated cards dropping, taking a look at the cheapest 85/86 rated cards is a great thing to be doing right now:

Lots of these cards were sat at around 10k/22k for each Rating and so these drops in prices are interesting, especially when some higher chem players like Fernandinho are sitting so low on the list.

It may not be the perfect pick up time, but by getting your hands on these cards before the next Icon SBS will see plenty of profits.

I don’t believe we will see another Icon SBC, just because we have had one each day for the past 2 days, and so EA will take a short break on these cards. Because of this, if we see FUTMAS SBCs that don’t get done, prices could drop even further and then prices become very interesting and worth picking up. If these drop 1k more each, il likely be mass buying, ready for the next Icon SBC.

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