I feel like I wrote a lot yesterday rather than getting some clear cut points of interest when it comes to investing, so tonight il be making this one much easier to read, as well as nice and to the point of each investment

83 Rated Players

If you have them right now, I recommend holding them further. They’re down in price right now, however as we’ve seen EA juice up TOTW 10, I have no doubt that we will see TOTW repeatable SBCs.

Tomorrow at 14:00 GMT, we will see Black Friday begin and 4 hours of Flash SBCs and Promo Packs, as well as other Upgrade packs drop (these might not come until 18:00 GMT). Either way, this leaves a ton of room for 83/84 Rated players to be won as snipes and on bid super cheap. I would recommend picking up an absolute ton of them as cheap as possible.

This will be a final buy period before they rocket up to possibly 4k per card. I would also look to sell these cards straight away as they tend to drop after the initial release, as this is the peak time of most people completing the packs and less people listing up cards.

83 Rated Cards look like this biggest “go to” players for this as they’re very cheap right now.

84 Rated players look a bit too high in price for my likings, unless they drop to 2k which I can’t see happening.

Warning with 83 Rated Players:

This all comes at a risk however. Back in FIFA 17 we needed a rating of 84, and in FIFA 18 we had seen requirements of 83 rated teams. There is always a chance that 82 rated teams are needed instead this year. That would still make 83 Rated players useful, but not anywhere near as much as usual. This would make 82 Rated players rise significantly.

I think this is very much a possibility as EA will likely want to get rid of the lower rated TOTW cards from the market, as well as screw over the investors. This would be the perfect solution.

As you can see here, 82 Rated players still rose despite the rating requirements being 83

And also the 82 rated players were at discard value.

These guys I believe will be key to maxing our profit on Black Friday and so il be continuing to pick up these players. If possible, find central positions, such as CB, CDM, CM, CAM, CF and ST for these as they will all rise the most without having to have a certain formation when the TOTW SBC drops.

This investment is by far the safest as they will be very easy to pick up cheap, as well as having good potential to rise with the SBCs (more than previous years too) and also will rise due to Upgrade SBCs anyway. These cards are winners all around.

TOTW Players

We have low rated and high rated cards.

High rated (by this I mean the useful for SBC players sat at between 81-84 rated) TOTW cards should not drop all that much as Icon SBCs should keep them up in value, especially if we see more SBCs at 18:00 GMT.

If we don’t see any SBCs, then these guys could drop a little further but nothing major. The best thing to do would be snipe these cards whenever we get the TOTW SBC or during big lightening rounds, as you have a decent chance of picking them up super cheap

As for lower rated TOTW cards, it’s anyone’s guess. If you read up on the 83 rated players section of this guide, you know that I’m thinking they will be much more useful for the TOTW SBCs. At the same time as this however, who is to say we need them at all? They’re already up a few k, nothing major, and will likely stay around the 12k mark with SBCs dropping, but they don’t have much room to drop. Once again, these guys can probably be picked up in the 4 hours of lightening rounds that we see drop from 14:00 GMT tomorrow. As long as they’re at pretty much discard value, then il be going in on them as it’s a very easy way to make 20% of your investment back.

Orban will likely sit around 14k being the only 82 rated TOTW. Yes he is needed for POTM Sancho but I don’t think this will really play much into his price after these SBCs.

High Rated Golds

These guys will probably drop in price of nothing saves them. The only way anyone can really see these going up in price is with a few Flashback SBCs, Icon SBCs with high rating requirements, or Icon Guarantee SBCs.

Il be staying away from them unless we see them drop dramatically. If they aren’t needed, then they will drop in price a ton, where we will swoop in and pick up as many as possible, to be ready for FUTMAS SBCs coming very shortly after

When should you buy your team? Honestly, I’m thinking during lightening rounds, perhaps wait until Saturday/Sunday to buy. This would be my bet. Il likely pick up a team on Sunday during lightening rounds

I will be busy tonight, so won’t be available on Twitter until late tonight, around 22:00 GMT, where I will make an update to this on exactly who I’m purchasing if things change dramatically

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