Hey friends,

My name is Jake, and today my goal is to teach you guys a very effective way to make huge profit over the Black Friday period using consumables!

We already know that many players are honing in on on trading with the Meta Gold Players such as Neymar, Mbappe and Ramos, but not everyone has that kind of budget…

Not only this, but we know that a lot of the community are very new to trading and will have trouble when it comes to timing their investments.

With that said, let’s look into extremely low risk and low budget methods that everyone can get involved with surrounding consumables.

Black Friday is just another way for EA to roll around in bags of extra cash, and so we know that they will be releasing lightening rounds, starting at 14:00 GMT on Friday that runs until 14:00 GMT on Saturday. A large amount of the packs that will be opened are opened on the initial launch of Black Friday, which is where these investments will work the best.

With the flood of cards onto the market, one of the often overlooked cards are consumables.

Let’s take a look at some of the prices for these consumables (PS4):

  • CAM >> CF – 2,200 Coins
  • CF >> CAM – 4,100 Coins
  • Squad Fitness – 1,400 Coins
  • Hunter Chem Style – 4,800 Coins
  • Shadow Chem Style – 5,000 Coins
  • Catalyst Chem Style – 1,100 Coins

As you can see, some of these cards are going for insane coins and they will take a huge hit during the Black Friday promotion. Since more users will get the game during Black Friday itself, consumables will fly off of the market even faster following the promo.

You can assume that some of these consumables will drop 50% during the event, however exact prices can’t be predicted.

This method is great because it is well within everyone’s budgets, they can be stored into the club and so take up no transfer list space (you could stock up on 200 Hunter cards and 100 Squad Fitness without effecting other trading). You can send it all to the club, it’s that easy!

In such a short period of time you have the chance of doubling your coin total, which is why nobody should overlook the profit potential on these cards during Black Friday!

For more information like this, please give HarperHype a follow as well as myself, Jake_FutTrading. Thank you Harper for letting me speak to a larger audience and hopefully providing some positive market insight.



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