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Zaro, an EA Community Manager, made this tweet earlier today. It’s of specific interest because he’s making a big point of TOTW SBC possibilities a secret.

To me, this confirms the existence of them. This also makes sense to do because they have included extra top players to the available TOTW Cards to boost how much people want to open packs, including TOTW Guarantee packs.

This adds up together very nicely. You may have seen my tweet talking about the possibility of the TOTW packs coming soon:

Im almost certain these will return. But what are the requirements?

An 83 Rated Squad with 2x IF Cards will Set you back around 50k in previous years for one of these packs, however some have speculated we could need an 84 or 85 Rated Squad. The costs of these Squad currently are around 75k and 125k respectively, so it would go up in price further with more demand. I think we will see either an 83 Rated Squad with 2x IF Cards or an 84 Rated Squad with 1x IF Card. I can’t see it costing more than this.

That’s why I’m going all in on 83 Rated Players. Without a doubt these will be great investments. Just mass bid on the very cheapest 83s under 1k.

Simply keep rotating between players you’re bidding on and store as many of them away as possible.

There is a good chance that they won’t be useful tomorrow either but we’re prepping early for this SBC.

We already have confirmation of “Repeatable Upgrade SBCs”, but haven’t been given the specifics of what these are:

This means either 81+/82+/TOTW Packs are coming, potentially a combination of these too, maybe even all 3.

Either way do not hesitate to pick up these 83s because they will hold value for the next Flashback SBC, some Flash SBCs and upgrade packs, no matter what we get, and if we need to fall back onto them, FUTMAS SBCs too, so don’t worry about losing coins, it won’t happen.

83 rated cards, go all in, this is potentially your last chance!

Prices in general have seemed to have gone up a little as people are buying their teams at last. I believe that this is the peak of their prices during this promo however, and that we will see another drop in price when we get the Upgrade SBCs. Upgrade SBCs will cause people to sell off their cards and will give everyone less buying power. This combo pushes prices down so I wouldn’t worry too much. I would plan on buying Sunday night if we get TOTW SBCs tomorrow, or Monday instead if we don’t see TOTW SBCs until Sunday

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cartish16 · November 23, 2018 at 9:18 pm

Currently sitting with 400 rare players in unassigned..should I just now bid on 83s and continue piling them into unassigned?

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