We made it boys. I really do hope you bought those 83s because they’re up in value like mad! I’m talking about 3x the profit already. I’m looking at over 6,000,000 coins back as a result of this SBC, and I hope you guys are making bank too. We have two things to cover in today’s guide, and that is both buying and selling.

When do I sell my 83’s?

Not yet! We have seen an absolute ton of players listed up on the market so far as players take their profit. This means that 83’s are lower than what they could be.

The demand for these SBCs is unbelievably high, with the introduction of the BoTOTW (Best of TOTW) cards in packs too. Last year the 83s hit 4k! So far they’re sat at roughly 3k and I know they can go higher. I’d expect them to be as high as 4.5k each! The rewards available from the SBC currently are so high that you can make tons of coins by getting lucky doing the SBCs, which is exactly what some people are doing.

Not only this, but lightening rounds are over and we will only see more packs come cyber Monday. Don’t forget that this SBC will run all the way up until Wednesday too! I plan to sell my 83’s as soon as they hit above the 4k mark.

For now, list up your cards for between 5-8k and you’re likely to get a lazy buyer every so often whilst you wait.

Il likely sell on Monday morning throughout the day, and will keep you guys updated

Is there anything I can buy right now?

Yes! 84 rated players at 4.5k look like a good pick to me. Last year they hit 6k each and so I expect between 6.5-7k on them over the next couple of days. Potentially the sell time for these could be as late as Tuesday. Just keep a look out for higher prices. Once again, list up these at 6.5-9k for lazy buyers.

Don’t forget my trick to getting more lazy buyers:

Never list at the same time with the re-list all button, and instead list each card individually. The delay between the expiration points of each of the cards listed will dramatically increase the amount of lazy buyers you get.

Should I invest in this TOTW?

No, we have way better plans for investing, coming soon.

When do I buy my team?

I’m thinking Monday morning. A lack of coins on the market means that prices are low all around and so with Cyber Monday packs being opened, I’d expect more buyers getting their teams and pushing prices up later that day.

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