It’s not long now, Black Friday is very close now, and because of this, I’m spending all of my time picking up as many players as possible. With that said, if you haven’t read yesterday’s article, it is very relevant for the investments we’re making today. Read yesterday’s guide here!

So what you can take from this is that we’re mainly looking to make a safe investment. We can take this a step further however, as we want to maximise the coins we will make when it comes to Black Friday.

Here is how we plan to do this…

Flash SBCs are going to seriously push the prices of some players very high in price, in completely random waves. We will see players that are sitting st 650 coins suddenly hit 3k for 1-2 hours and drop back down to 650 coins after the SBCs disappear.

We’re looking at getting players that have the highest probability of rising heavily in price.

Yesterday’s article talked about picking up rare players, which is going to make plenty of profit, but another thing we need to take into account is Chemistry requirements. For that exact reason, we’re filtering down the players we can pick up a little bit further.

Cycle through each of these leagues when it comes to picking up players, as these guys have a good chance of rising in price alongside Flash SBCs.

With that said, there is no guarantee that these Flash SBCs will be the same as previous years. And so these players will rise with the Upgrade SBCs, a little more than the regular players that are difficult to link in.

Performing the Unassigned Glitch

On console, bid on as many players as possible. From here go to your watch list and press the left trigger to assign all. You’re going to be prompted to move them into your transfer list or to quicksell them. Simply press B or Circle to back out and assign them later. Now you can bid on 50 more items and repeat the process. Despite it saying your unassigned pile has 50 items, you will be holding many more than 50 so don’t worry that it isn’t saying 1,000 or whatever number there should be.

If you’re on the web app, bid on 50 players and once they’re won, send any to the club that you don’t already own. Any that are duplicated, press “swap with duplicate in club” and then move the next player and swap that duplicate. Repeat on each card and they will all be sent to your unassigned pile.

If you have problems with this, search for a tutorial on YouTube as there are plenty available.

After a while you will receive a short temporary market ban. You will need to wait an hour before you can continue, however picking up enough players will be key to making huge profits.

I’m currently picking up every card for 600/650 coins. I plan to spend a full 3,000,000 coins on this investment, picking up a total of around 4,600 cards. These cards will be selling for up to 1,200 coins each once Upgrade SBCs are released which I expect to drop on Friday at 18:00 GMT.

There are two scenarios from here. If we see TOTW Guarentee SBCs drop, we will HOLD these cards for 24 hours and begin selling on Saturday. If we do not see TOTW SBCs and people begin panic selling their 83/84 rated cards, we’re selling up fully on the Friday and picking up as many of these 83/84 rated players as possible in the middle of the panic.

We’re much more likely to get sales between 800 if we’re very unlucky, and 1,200 if we’re lucky. Our target sell price is 1k per card. This means we’re seeing returns of between 17% minimum, and 75% maximum, with a much more likely 46% returned.

On my 3,000,000 Investment, Im looking at getting back after tax, profits of 510k up to 2.25m coins.

Yes this will take a while to pull off, it does take a long time to buy and sell the cards but you’re also looking at profit into the millions, and so I say this is very worth the time put into it.

I plan to have a guide out on Friday at 19:00 GMT, 1 hour after we see what happens at 18:00 GMT, to let us know what the plan from here is.

We don’t need to wait until then to make profit though, start listing up each player for 1,000 coins each and lazy buyers will occasionally buy them, which will begin to make you profit, despite being just a small amount, whilst we wait.

If you missed the trick to getting more lazy buyers from yesterday, simply list cards up one after he other, rather than pressing “relist all” and you will find way more lazy buyers than usual

I am keeping spare coins however for tomorrow. We’re planning on getting in on some 84 Rated TOTW cards if I like the price of them, which is likely what tomorrow Guide will be on, however we will have to see when the time comes around and if the prices are what I’d like to see

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