If you’re new to FIFA’s version of Black Friday, you’re certainly in for a treat, and if you’re also new to trading during Black Friday, then you’re in for an even bigger treat!

Rounds upon rounds of discounted promo packs are dropped, including the high end 100k (24 Rare Gold Players) / 125k (30 Rare Gold Players) packs, flooding thousands of gold players onto the market, decreasing their rarity significantly

This is where mass bidding comes in…

What is mass bidding?

Mass bidding is exactly as the name says, it is bidding on player(s) in bulk

How do I mass bid?

To mass bid, all you need to do is bid a lot on one or more player and fill your transfer targets up.

You should be aiming to make 400-500 coins per card, but there is one important question left…

Who are we bidding on?

There are thousands of gold players on FIFA 19, and if you were to be given a specific example of a player, then you would all be bidding against each other to wins cards reducing everyone’s potential profits.

So here is how you can find yourself some players to bid on.

There are many League SBCs available, that reward different League SBC cards, as well as pack rewards. Some of these pack rewards are desirable, and so push up the prices of the players required. That is why you will want to bid on the players needed to complete these SBCs, as they tend to be very desirable and expensive cards, that people tend to overlook.

You can take a look at SBCs that are cheap to complete with great rewards for yourself. You can alternatively look at FUTBIN and judge if an SBC reward is worth doing for its price

From there mass bid on key players to complete the SBCs.

Alternatively, you can use FUTBIN to find expensive (due to these SBCs) non-rare cards that will be overlooked and mass bid on these

What other cards can I mass bid on?

Look out for all players worth 1.5k or more, and look for ones that you can win for 500 coins profit or more.

Don’t forget about EA tax of 5%! Winning a card for 1,300 and selling for 1,500 isn’t 200 coins profit, you would only get back 125 coins!

When should I start bidding?

Approximately 55 mins after promo packs are released, you will notice a sudden increase of every Gold cards available on the market. This is because they were all packed during the lightening rounds and listed at the same time. If Promo packs are released every hour, that creates a buying opportunity every hour!

Check what packs are available in the lightening rounds as they offer different contents (25k, 50k, 55k, 100k and 125k packs contain lots of Rare Gold Players, whilst 15k, 25k and 45k packs contain lots of non-rares, so you should bid on what will be mainly available)

When do I sell these cards?

During this Black Friday promo, you will find that lots of players you bid on will drop in value, however there is a great selling time. Each day, as packs generally are released at 18:00 GMT up until midnight, this leaves all other times (01:00 GMT-18:00 GMT) for prices to bounce back up as people complete SBCs available, both old and new, as well as for their clubs.

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