Black Friday is finally finished and I have to admit, it’s not been a bad promo. Other than mainly catering towards the paying customer base, throughout the event the free to play players haven’t been forgotten about, with a healthy flow of content. The best event this year I believe, however this should easily be beat in the future with even more promos to come.

So let’s get a rundown of some things I want to bring to everyone’s attention:

The TOTW SBC has been very affordable, meaning that lots of people will be holding onto Tradable TOTW Packs still

This is going to be nothing less than amazing news for us traders as we have a way to use this and make profit in the 10s of thousands on every card we buy in short periods of time; more on that later.

High rated players were supplied heavily and never needed

Whilst the lower end of the high rated cards have been used a ton, including the likes of 83/84/85 Rated players have been in huge demand over the past few days, 86+ has not.

As a result of this we have seen some very low prices on these cards.

There are 4 main places of interest when it comes to investing soon:

  • Wednesday TOTW 11 Flipping
  • Thursday Rewards
  • Thursday Icon Set 4
  • Saturday FUTMAS

Let’s go through them in order briefly…

Wednesday TOTW Flipping will be talked about heavily tomorrow, as this will be what we are aiming to do Wednesday. You will need coins on hand on Wednesday, but the premise for this will be people opening up saved TOTW packs and undercutting each other dramatically. This causes players that would be worth 200k to be listed for 50k (and a lot of times) or 50k players up for 15k. Big coins will be made here

Thursday rewards surrounds buying a ton of the meta players that people will start buying after rewards. This will be very good for us as people are low on coins right now, so I believe prices on some players could rise a lot more than usual!

Thursday Icon SBCs are what we are investing in tonight, those high rated players can’t stay low in price forever, specifically Im looking at 86/87 rated ones:

I would look to pay under 17k on the 86s and under 20k on the 87s. Get sniping, get bidding, these guys are gonna start slowly creeping up in price, but be sure to have extra coins to pick up TOTW cards tomorrow!

Finally, FUTMAS will drive the prices of 81 Rated TOTW cards up to 15-16k beforehand and if we hold long enough, they will reach prices of 18-19k a card, however we have no need to pick these up just yet!

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