The market has fallen, a lot more than I expected too! Take a look for yourself!

Take a look at the market if you don’t believe me, Lucas down by 73%, Werner down by 46%, Gomez down by 38%, Sterling Willian and Vidal down 36%!

These prices are mad to say the least. Not only that but we can take a look at TOTW prices too and see that they’ve done the same

One problem with this market crash is we didn’t see special packs and so it didn’t crash as much as what was possible.

Without going in depth, prices all around are down. Good players, bad players, special players, if it’s cheaper than this morning, it’s a good pick. There’s really not much more to it than that.

So here’s who I’m picking up:

IF Cech – 13,000 or less

Easy to snipe, 84 Rated TOTW at almost discard value and from the EPL? 18k very very minimum back from this card but it could be long hold time. For now I have a small handful (x3 card) because I’m willing to pay 13-14k for this card later in the week and invest in other cards for now

OTW Smolov – 14,000 or less

A OTW striker at almost discard price? You can snipe him lower easily too. Why is he this low? He players TOMORROW!!! Picking up 5 because I think it’s a next day flip, ready for tomorrow’s game which starts at 17:00 GMT so il sell before 16:30 GMT as long as he’s more than 15k

NIF Mahrez – 47,000

What a price on him! Super cheap and out of packs, I’m predicting 60-70k on his card although he has the potential to hit 80k very maximum. I’ve picked up 3 because I like the look of his price.

NIF Sterling – 31,000

A heavy drop on his card and also someone that will turn up in a lot of people’s WL teams. Was sat at 46k, I think he can hit this again by next week. I’ve picked up 3.

OTW Malcom – 48,000

Overpaying a bit but another player that starts tomorrow at 15:15, so should continue to rise. Looks like a great card for the WL too, with a lot of hype around him. Only picking 1 up because of the risk.

NIF Mkhitaryan – 11,500

Exactly the same as Sterling in this one but a bit cheaper. Should be in more WL teams.

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