Whilst the nobody is quite sure when the buy Day for the entire market is, today is buy day for a certain set of cards…

These certain cards, are the cheapest 86 rated players available, and here is why

These guys will hold their value no matter what. The lowest they will reach is 14k, but the highest they will reach is 20-25k (depending on which 86 you choose)

So when it comes to risk v reward, you’re talking about losing 1-2k per card, for the chance to earn 10-15k per card. Those odds make for a great investment.

Not only this, but if you check out the SBC list, look at what is expiring soon:

This means that not only should these 86 rated cards rise heavily during Prime Icons Set 3, but even the hype for it will likely push these players up 3-4k a card, so there is safe profit in each of these anyway.

But why 86 Rated? Why not 85 or 87. I’ve gone with 86 because of the profit % returns, as well as their versatility for more than just Icon SBCs.

If we look at 85 rated cards, we would be paying around 7k per card, with options available as low as 5.5k

These cards, once valuable again, will be worth around 8-9k per card, with some worth 10-11k. These will make good profit, but they return 22-40%, where 86s return 26-42%. This is ever so slightly more, but it is better than that; The 85 rated cards can drop as much as 42% whilst 86 rated players can only drop as much as 18%. This makes the 86 rated cards not only more profitable, but also safer.

When we look at 87 rated players, we see this:

At these prices you can expect to make 6k per card, or 14-37% at a risk of losing up to 10% of a Cards value. This is even less risk in terms of making a loss but also less profit potential, however I will get into why this could end up being a higher risk investment.

How many SBCs need an 86-87 Rated Team that will make these 87 rated player significantly more valuable? There aren’t that many, in fact, as of right now there are only 2 SBCs, 1 in each of the Icon SBC sets. As for 86 rated cards however, how many SBCs need 85-86 rated teams? The answer is significantly more, as you can find these requirements in Icon SBCs, POTM SBCs, as well as the new Europa League SBCs.

Even when a higher rated team is required, the 86 Rated Cards are still useful as well. What this means is that 86 rated cards have a much higher chance of being needed than that of the 87 rated cards, making them potential safer investments than the 87s (there is no way to calculate the risk due to SBCs and which cards will be needed, where the risk of losses per card were calculated by the cards tracked highs and lows as a result of SBCs and the lack of them)

So far, we have received 2 different Europa League SBC Cards, and I believe we are yet to see many more over the coming days, and possibly weeks. Either way, check out this pattern:

The Bundesliga Player (Tah) SBC needs Bundesliga Players (however not a high rating due to being a lower demand card, as well as having in game requirements)

The Série A Player (SMS) SBC needs Serie A Players

So what happens when we get SBCs for an EPL Player which would also have more demand? Or how about a Ligue 1 Player)

I think that the EPL players will have a much higher demand and so the EPL cards will rise much higher than that of the Serie A Players did. I’ve also noticed that more chemistry is needed in these SBCs than ever before and so good links is key to picking players that will rise in price, and so I have mainly picked up EPL players, however have picked up a good selection of the cards available.

Overall, make sure you’re bidding on cards and sniping them to get them as cheap as possible, and don’t overpay for them! The buy period won’t be huge for these guys which is why I’m getting on them now. There is a chance they could drop tomorrow if nothing is released at 18:00 GMT too.

As with every investment, there is an element of risk to it, meaning that we may have to hold until Thursday to sell in the hype, however start listing your cards between 18-20k to get some early sales to lazy buyers if possible!

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