With day 1 out of the way, we can get a much better idea with what will happen during this new Carniball Promo.

First, I will mention something that I noticed and I haven’t seen anyone talk about…

How long will this promo last?

Surprisingly, EA hasn’t actually answered this question anywhere…

We do know however that we are supposed to receive 4 weekly objective players, and have only received 3, meaning that there should be 1 next week. To me, this says that the promo will last between 1-2 weeks total, which seems appropriate.

We are also supposed to see 6 Icons and 2 flashbacks, as well as 8 Carniball Players. If they were to drop 1 a day, then that is still 16 days of content. The chances are though that some will drop together, as seen with yesterday, getting Hulk and Socrates SBCs in a single day.

I believe that this promo will run for just under 2 weeks total.

With the release of the first SBCs, we can get an idea as to what the requirements will be for the next few SBCs

Hulk SBC Requirements

As we can see, these SBCs are far from complex, requiring just 3 main components:

  • Rating
  • Chemistry
  • TOTWs

Whilst this SBC does need a Brazilian player, a single player requirement as broad as this one won’t do anything to affect the demand for Brazilian players.

I expect us to receive SBCs for each of the other 7 nations, all with similar requirements.

You may be wondering why the prices of high rated players didn’t rise, and I believe the reason for this is that so many players have stacked up on high rated cards, as well as even more promo packs dropping, has caused much more supply than there is demand. Whilst Hulk is a great looking card, realistically, very few people will complete it.

We will need to wait for more cards with higher demand to drop. Luckily for us however, these SBCs have a week to be completed, meaning that they will overlap each other, creating more and more demand.

The prime ratings for these cards will likely be in the range of 83-86 rated cards.

What will help even more is that there are other available SBCs, that if they get too cheap, will be completed to keep prices up

If EA are to release Prime Icon Moment SBCs of this calibre and at a similar value (Socrates has a pretty good cost), then we will certainly see more buyers of high rated cards, when they get their coins to make purchases and complete the SBCs

Overall, I wouldn’t be worried by the current prices. Instead, I would use it as another opportunity to further buy more 83+ rated cards.

While waiting to shift these cards, I highly recommend listing to lazy buyers for some easy sales as with plenty of SBCs, lazy buyers will be more common than usual.

List your players around these values

  • 83 = 3,000
  • 84 = 4,500
  • 85 = 9,000
  • 86 = 17,000

You should be able to get a few sales here and there.

With the low prices, we will use them to our advantage at some point to get some Bundesliga POTM Investments in, as it looks like POTM will be very cheap this time around, meaning plenty of players will complete the cards.

If you don’t know what players look like good purchases, have a look through yesterdays guide for some great cards:

Yesterday’s Guide

MOTM Cards

New MOTM cards have dropped last night, and there is certainly profit to be made on these guys. They’re only in packs for 4 days total.

This is good news for us, as we are looking to pick them up before they go out of packs.

The last day that they’re in packs will be Tuesday 12th, and so we are looking to purchase our investments on this date during the final lightening round that they’re in packs for.


Like the others in this batch of MOTM cards, he is currently way too expensive to be picking up right now. Once we purchase on Tuesday, I’m hoping to see a very quick turn around on his card, with plenty of players after such a great looking card. Not only this, but being a Hero Card will also do wonders for him, being a very collectible card.


With stats like these at this price point already, this card will likely do the best once out of packs.

LaLiga very much lacks great strikers at a cheap price, and they tend to either be bad cards with great prices, or very good cards with huge prices. This will make Rodrigo a solid card for many players teams.


Whilst not the most incredible card available, his stats are still pretty good, and this card is very much usable. I believe that this card will actually be underinvested in when it comes to flipping him and that come Thursday, plenty of players will want to try him out in their teams, especially as he gets weak links to lots of the new Spanish players, lots of the new Serie A players, as well as strong links to Suso, in the FUT Swap deals, and Castillejo from last weeks TOTW.


A player playing in Liga Nos, and from Mali, is certainly not a player easy to link into your team. With that said however, the stats on this card are insane for the price, and if he has better links, would easily be a 600k Card. Unfortunately this is not the case, but that doesn’t mean that this card won’t be used in teams and on benches

Jesus’ new 590k Carniball card that has a good bit of extra dribbling, a little more passing, but a ton less physical can be seen as a comparison to just how good Maregas Card really is. His skills and weak foot let him down a bit but at 6’1″, he is a very much meta player.

I expect him to drop considerably before we buy him, but this is card I’m looking forward to flipping once out of packs.

The Plan

Essentially, we will be looking to purchase these MOTM cards on Tuesday 12th at 18:30 GMT to try and get the very best price possible. We will then be looking to sell them on Wednesday 13th at 12:00 onward, but if they haven’t risen much by then, then we will further wait until Thursday 14th and Sell at any time in the day once players have extra coins from rewards.

Link investing this week will be very difficult with so many new special cards, however if the right cards are released, we could very potentially see some great Thursday Flips!

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