Yesterday, a few things were pretty unclear, which made for a bit more of a disappointing guide, due to a lack of info we had on the entire promo, but with Day 2 over, we have a lot more info to work with, and a much better idea of a gameplan…

Let’s begin with the order of the SBCs dropping:

What EA are doing here is releasing SBCs in the same order as listed originally when announcing the promo:

That means we know that today we will get a Belgium SBC. With 8 total nations, they’re linked up with the 6 Icons and the 2 Flashbacks, so every day we see 2 SBCs, one for a new Carniball player and one for either an Icon or FlashBack.

There are no Icons from Belgium or from the USA, meaning it would be impossible to release an Icon SBC on those days, and makes sense to drop FlashBack cards on these days instead.

The list of Icons that EA can choose from is also limited to players already in packs, and so here is what the rest of this promo will look like…

10th – Belgium – FlashBack SBC

11th – Italy – Icon SBC

(Maldini, Inzaghi or Del Piero)

12th – Argentina – Icon SBC

(Maradona or Zanetti)

13th – USA – FlashBack SBC

14th – Spain – Icon SBC


15th – Germany – Icon SBC

(Lehmann or Matthaus)

Here’s the thing with these SBCs:

Icon SBCs don’t expire and so there is no real rush for players to complete them and so they don’t really push prices up. FlashBack SBCs however do exactly the opposite, expiring (we expect this SBC to last for 7 days).

These SBCs usually cost in the range of 150k-350k and so many players look to complete these quite quickly. Lots of players will be getting ahold of the same cards very quickly.

At 18:00 Tonight we will see a Belgium FlashBack drop and we will want to quickly make some link investments to this player.

To do this, we will want to find a meta player, in the same league as whoever gets the SBC. They must link to the FlashBack and either play for the same team, or for Belgium.

Here is an example:

If Nainggolan were to receive a FlashBack Card, we could quickly pick up players such as Mertens for the League and Nation link, or Skriniar for the team link. Both of these cards are very usable, and provide a strong link to Nainggolan.

We will quickly discuss who to pick up, in the Discord at 18:00 when the SBC drops.

Lightening Rounds

On Friday, we saw tons of lightening rounds being opened, and as a result, players dropped in value once again as very few players were picking up cards for SBCs, and many players were selling cards they already held, and even more that had been packed.

The good news however is that players have slowed down buying promo packs significantly, with so many rounds dropping in recent weeks, many players can’t afford to buy more packs, and with more desirable SBCs dropping each day, prices have started to rise quite a bit, and this will continue in this direction, especially with FlashBack SBCs.

So what is the plan?

Up until 18:00 tonight, we will continue to buy more and more high rated cards. I recommend 83-85 Rated as these cards are significantly cheaper than they have been before.

Once the FlashBack SBC drops tonight, we will purchase link investments, if any are available.

Later tonight once players have started to complete the SBC, we will sell off our link investments once again.

Late tonight we will also look to start selling off our high rated investments, and look to start reinvesting these coins elsewhere

(EA could be trying to keep high rated prices down now for a long time, with the release of Icon SBCs)

There is a strong chance that lightening rounds could continue on Monday too, meaning that prices could start dropping again after the FlashBack SBC

In terms of making investments, we have been doing an awful lot of buying recently, and I can imagine most of us are filled with investments, so we will simply look to start selling up tonight, then take a look into some Thursday Flips we can make based on TOTW predictions, which will drop tonight/tomorrow morning

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