Today, bug things went down with coin wipes effecting thousands of players, despite being legitimate players. A main cause of this has been Silver trading, with a few others that haven’t been silver trading also receiving bans. We won’t be going too in depth with what’s going here, however if you’re effected by this, I can imagine that you will receive all your coins back soon, as there would be too much backlash in the case that lots of users lost lots of coins…

So why are we talking about coin wipes? Coin wipes have caused something very obvious because it’s in the name. There has been a loss in coins. But not just a small loss, it’s a big loss, and those that own more coins are more likely to have been coin wipes. Overall, millions of coins have been lost (although this should be temporary). With less coins, comes less buying power and so the value of cards all around the market are dropping. Some more than others, and tonight we will take advantage of that.

We can see here that there are plenty of players that have taken big hits as a result of the lack of coins in the market, but take note that some of these players are the NIFs from TOTW 3 that have only dropped in value due to being back in packs. Some players that have dropped are as follows…

Taking a look at Jardel, we can see that in the last couple of hours, he has dropped from 2.3k all the way down to 1.3k. We can tell that this is due to the bans because of how recently the drop has taken place. Instantly, this makes him look like a great buy. This shape graph is what you’re looking for when finding the right kind of player on FUTBIN.

Scroll through players between 81-85 Rated on FUTBIN and look for players that have dropped significantly in the past couple of hours. These are the players we’re looking to buy. Here’s a few examples I found:

These players are very easy to find through trial and error, so I recommend finding a unique investment for yourself as to avoid clashing with other investors.

TOTW Flipping

What has happened today with coin bans isn’t something of a common occurrence. My original plan had been to write about TOTW Flipping but with the way the market has been effected today, I’m unsure on wether or not TOTW Flipping will be a success tonight or not.

For that reason, I won’t be Overnight Flipping tonight, instead analysing some cards early on, and I will keep it as low of a risk as possible…

Let’s start by cutting down our options. I’ve chosen that it won’t be a good idea to invest in these players, simply due to it being way too early to get an accurate idea on investing in them or because I can’t see them turning a profit:

84 Howedes

I was looking to pick up IF Howedes for around 13.5-14k tonight because he looks like a great investment. Whilst he won’t be any good when it comes to his stats or league, but he does make great SBC fodder being a LB and German.

I would like to think he won’t be pushed down to discard as he will be picked up by other investors throughout the week. Despite his NIF being a non-rare (equating to being packed more), I would like to think he can be sold for 14.5-15k tomorrow. My aim would be at least 13.75k and under, 13.5k to be safe.

If you can’t flip him overnight, I would worry too much as by next Tuesday (potentially even by Monday night), he will be quite valuable to investors.

82 Hoffman

A great card to be picking up. Very similar to Pellegrini from last weeks TOTW in terms of how his price will change, with the added boost of being from the Bundesliga. Any POTM hype will certainly push this card in an upwards direction, potentially quite early on.

I would be aiming for 12.5k and under on him, if you’re picking him up under 12k you will be making profit no doubt.

83 De Ligt

This card should be treated similarly to that of Stark from last week. Great stats on a CB card and not at all a bad price. His nation and League will be a problem when linking him into teams which could cause a bit of a price drop but over time, he’s making big coins.

83 Stuani

Whilst not an appealing card, in terms of SBC fodder in a La Liga POTM Card, he becomes very good. Will likely brush close with discard value, a must pick up card when the time comes. Keep an eye out for 11k on this card.

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