1. Log into your account

Head over to www.fifatraders.com/login and sign into your account

(Your account will be provided to you, if you forget these details, they can be reset by @HarperHype)

2. Add A Post

Once logged in, there will now be a toolbar at the top of your screen that will follow you around the website

Press the add button, and then press the post button to add a new post

3. Create Your Content

Place the title of your post in the “Add title” box, along with the content inside your post inside of the “Start writing” block.

Adding Images / Post Thumbnail

1. Adding Images

Start by pressing the small + button to add a new block to your post

This will provide you with some options on things you can insert into your post. Select “Image”

Simply press upload and select an image you would like to insert.

2. Adding Thumbnails

Start by selecting the settings button, the cog, in the top right

Under “Documents”, you will see an option to set a Featured Image

Set the featured Image to a picture that you would like as the thumbnail for your post

(Make it look good, as when you post the link to somewhere like Twitter, you will see the featured image pop up, which is what your audience will click on)


Preview Your Post

At the top of the page, you will see an options to preview your post

This will show you what your post will look like once you publish it


Simply hit the publish button and you’re all done! You can edit the post whenever you would like too if you notice any errors.

Editing Posts

Start off by heading over to the dashboard

Now head to the Posts section and select “All Posts”

You will be shown all of your posts where you can Edit it in detail with “Edit”.

You can also delete your post with the “Trash” button

Any post you delete can be recovered from the Trash section, unless you delete it permanently!

View Your Stats

If you want to know how many views your posts currently have, head over to the Dashboard once again through the toolbar

Now click on the Jetpack dropdown and choose “Site Stats”

Here you can check out all of the details analytics for views on posts. Explore what times or what days get the most views for you, and see how your posts stack up against others, or even see where traffic is originating from (such as from Twitter links, or Instagram etc…)

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