This will not be the first time I have explained this method, yet I’m still yet to find anyone really using this method still. This trick is always my go to when I want to make extra coins, simply because it’s very easy to do, can be done on the mobile app and makes an amazing amount of coins. Il go further in detail here to show you the method…

First you’re looking to find the cheapest TOTW cards on the market. If you find a couple on their own that have only really just been listed, then you can ignore it, someone will buy it.

You can do this by setting up a special filter and raising the limit of the Max Buy Now Price to see when your search results are flooded with IF cards or not. Make sure to scroll a few pages because they simply may not be showing up on the very first page.

As you can see, I found a single Gold TOTW at 11,250 coins when I set my filter to 11,750. This card would likely have already been bought but wasn’t showing up as expired.

I found no TOTW cards at 12,000 but I found loads at 12,250

Because of this, we want to be the cheapest on the market, selling at 12k (you will need to check the selling price for when you’re about to do this too).

If we are to sell at 12k coins, we receive back 95% of this total due to tax, and so we get back (12,000 x 0.95) 11,400 coins.

Due to the way players can be listed, the most expensive we can buy cards for will be 11,250 which once sold for 12,000, we will make back (11,400 – 11,250) 150 Coins.

Per card, this is still already a pretty nice amount of coins to be making if you plan to buy and sell in mass, however the method gets better…

When we buy cards, we won’t just be picking up cards for 11,250, but instead will be picking them up for 10,000-11,250 coins, and so whilst some sales only make 150 coins, other sales will be making 1,400 coins.

Set up your filter like I do, making sure your max Buy Now isn’t too high as that if you were to make a purchase at it, you would lose coins (the maximum I will want to pay is 11,250 and so my max is set to 11,250. Everything else you can copy)

As you can see here, some searches you will find nothing, others you will find a few things listed. You won’t always win them all but you will be winning quite a few.

As you can see, I list them straight up so I can carry on instantly. I make 2.2k in under 2 minutes here.

On my next search I managed to find a player that is worth more than the 12k selling price:

I will list him up for his actual price of 13,750 and will have made 3,063 extra coins from this sale, for a total of 5,263 coins in 2.5 minutes.

If you find players from previous TOTWs then they tend to be worth much more than the selling point you’re using and you will be able to squeeze an extra 1k coins out of them more often than not.

You may not even find TOTW cards, make sure you know the value of each Scream Card as you will often find a Mings, Mascherano or Caceras

You won’t win everything and sometimes you will have dry patches but keep going as I have seen cards such as IF Mandzukic appear on the market. If you’re the lucky person to win a card like this, you can be making huge coins in the matter of seconds!

Here is proof that they also sell:

In 10 minutes of searching, I made a total of over 15,000 coins.

If you carry this on (which is very possible as it takes about 2 hours of fast searching to get a ban), you can expect upwards of 90,000 coins in the hour.

If I had won the players such as Sarabia, I would be looking at well over 100k in the hour (I also only came across 1 old TOTW cards in my first 10 minutes but over the hour I would expect to find even more).

You will be able to earn way more coins too as a write out this guide at the same time as trading!

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