Sniping is a method of making coins that I don’t often talk about, since it works very simply by means of buying a player listed too low, and selling for his actual price. Easy. Whatever one person lost out on is how much you make, and are essentially profiting from someone else’s loss.

A lot of you guys may be struggling to find exactly what to snipe though, which is why I’ve created this guide to some up to date sniping filters.

More often than not, sniping works best on console, however in this first setup, it actually works best on the web app, due to the problem of scrolling.

The first of these is a bit of a unique and strange filter. Sometimes it works amazingly, other times it isn’t great. Set up your filter like so…


  • Quality: Special
  • Min Price: 10,250
  • Max Price:
  • Min Buy Now: 10,500
  • Max Buy Now: 12,500

Whenever you search, you will find plenty of UCL cards. We don’t want to buy any of these. Instead, we’re scrolling over to the 59th minute and purchasing any Gold TOTW cards that we come across.

Pick up these cards ASAP and resell for 13.5k each. This means that you will make anywhere between 325-2,325 coins per card you pick up. If you’re picking up players like Hofmann, De Ligt or Howedes, make sure you’re relisting them for their lowest buy now prices which are much higher than 13.5k.

This method only works well on the companion app due to having to scroll for a few seconds on the last page when searching on console.

Change the “Min Bid” price down once every time you search to ensure you’re getting new results, similar to regular sniping

You will find it very difficult to win cards sometimes, but then other times you will win everything, so it can be very hit and miss.


The next method on this list is a bit easier that the first one, so you will likely win more cards here. That isn’t to say you will win every card though. It’s also worth noting that these card don’t appear quite as often as the TOTW cards.

Here we will be sniping specific players, however they appear on the market quite frequently at a lower price. This is because they have been a set price for a long time and have recently risen in price dramatically and will remain there. As a result, players list cards at the old lower price often which we will win and list up for the current new higher price.

Here is a list of those players, you may have noticed that they feature in a lot of SBC solutions from recently:

If you’re struggling to win any of these players, switch to the next one or try a different method, it may just be a case of nobody listing any players at all.


This method will work almost all year round, so is a great one to remember if you’re truly struggling to get anywhere with trading. The problem with this however is that you will find yourself making very few coins at a time. They do however add up.

A very simple filter here goes like this:

  • Quality: Gold
  • Max Buy Now: 350

From here snipe away. There will be players on every search, however they can be very difficult to win. If you’re struggling a lot to win cards, change the Max Buy Now to 400 coins instead. You will win a lot more but make less profit per card.

Every card you pick up can be sold for 450 coins very minimum. That’s because every non rare gold sells, which many people seem to forget.

If you manage to pick up any players from the top leagues, it’s worth checking their price to see if they’re worth selling for a few extra coins. Same goes if they’re in the LB/RB position.

If you really want, you can change this method into a bidding method, mass bidding on players for 300-350 coins (most will be 350) and sell them on for 450, however this puts you at a high risk of a market ban within 150 sales.


This filter is not for everybody. This filter takes a ton of patience and a lot of coins.

First, find out the current selling prices of the cheapest Icons on the market. As of currently, they’re 430k however this can change so make sure you’re checking prices

You will plan to sell at around 5k less than the lowest, so here we plan to sell at 425k. After tax, that sale will provide us with 403,750 coins. As a result, we need to be sniping below that value. I would recommend making a minimum of 10k per card, so in this case, I would snipe for 393k.

If you manage to win any cards, check their prices before selling, as you may have an icon worth more than his lowest.

I was unable to find any players listed so had no chance to win any cards. This is a high risk snipe, simply due to the fact that you may put in 30 minutes and get nothing to show for it.


Sniping position changers is a great way to make coins, and I would put it up there with one of the better sniping methods that work all year round. Simply start by finding a position modifier that is worth at least 300 coins.

As we can see here, the cheapest CF>>CAM card is currently selling for 2,800 coins. We will be selling our cards for this amount.

Take 5% off to accommodate for tax, (multiply your selling price by 0.95)

2800 x 0.95 = 2660

We will snipe at 2,500 or lower to ensure we’re making 160+ coins per card.

Sniping position changers is much easier than regular cards, especially when plenty of cards are being listed up (usually during promo packs, or whenever new packs are available through SBCs). Lots of people will be listing without checking prices and so will provide tons of opportunities to pick up cards.

There isn’t much in terms of investing currently, simply due to prices being high with no real reasons to go higher. Il be making a no risk investment guide for Scream Team very soon. If I can find enough players, expect an Overnight Flipping Guide tonight too

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