Starting off the week will be relatively slow, with honestly not that much in terms of content going on. In general, we just want to trade to earn ourselves some extra coins.

Right now, a great way of doing this is to snipe key players for the “Outside the Box” SBC

This SBC will be completed by many, meaning that English wingers, German midfielders and Spanish defenders are great choices for sniping and selling. Make sure that you’re picking up Gold Players, as Bronze and Silvers can’t be used in this SBC.

A little more is happening Tuesday however, as this is when we are likely to see a brand new Europa League Player SBC

We have so far seen Kroos requiring just an 83 Rated Team with 1x UCL card and an 85 Rated team, costing around 100k before packs

I will say with some confidence that the requirements will be pretty cheap, but do remember that these are static cards, meaning that they won’t be receiving any further upgrades.

Requirements may or may not need UCL cards given that I believe we will get a Europa League Player next, however anything could happen. The choices of players are much lower rated, so I wouldn’t expect anything more than an 84 Rated Team and an 83 Rated Team depending on who they choose.

We’re looking to get a new TOTW drop, as well as new TOTGS SBCs, similar to that of the ones we have already seen, where 1 rewards players with UCL players and the other requires UCL Players for a pack reward. We could be seeing a pretty high end pack too.

The new TOTW in, means the old TOTW out and I expect a few players from this TOTW to rise a small amount, such as Ramirez and Martin, being 82 and 81 Rated players respectively.

This will make a great night for picking up some meta Players for rewards, with the best picks being the NIF version of any meta players in the new TOTW, as well as the high end most used, the likes of Fabinho being number 1 for this one.

This could be a very very big day for SBCs, as Icon Set 3 finally comes to an end on Saturday with no sight of Icon Set 4 yet. I would predict that Set 4 will finally drop. This will cause a spike in price of the cheap TOTWs, especially the 81s given that there are rating requirements with TOTWs needed too. If there are no Icon requirements, expect some panic on Icons and for them to slowly begin dropping in value. Alternatively, if we get no SBC, we could see Icon prices begin to drop too with no demand and Set 3 soon coming to an end.

On top of this we may finally see Icon SBCs, whilst unlikely, it is still very much possible, especially as Thursdays tend to be Icon oriented days.

Finally, we will be getting a new set of Marquee Matchups, however as we’ve seen, there is no real reason to invest in them, given they are dirt cheap every week anyway.

Friday means FUTMAS! This will be the beginning of FUTMAS, where we’re almost certainly going to be seeing SBCs of some kind revolving around new upgraded Players, as well as re-releases of old TOTW cards with a new design (potentially a few stat changes here and there) to increase the availability of a card.

For example, we may see a new Ben Yedder FUTMAS Card, but instead of receiving further upgrades, he will likely also be 84 Rated with 1-2 stats higher than the IF Card, as well as 1-2 stats lower than the IF Card, to introduce some slight variation between the two, other than simply card design.

We should see plenty of cards rising heavily if they haven’t already, such as 83-86 rated players and TOTW players too!

POTM is next on the list here, so don’t miss out on making investments beforehand, with the likes of Sterling NIF sitting below 20k, a price like that cannot last, and will rise.

More FUTMAS SBCs, as we will almost certainly be seeing new SBCs every single day throughout the FUTMAS event (lasting approximately 2 weeks).

The other big news is that Icon SBC Set 3 expired here and so if there is no other Icon SBC available or any demand for Icons, then there will be no SBCs at all requiring them. That means that over the FUTMAS period, with packs being opened, Icon prices will begin to decline, with much less in terms of buyers and much more in terms of sellers.

We could however see something huge on this day too though, with Icon SBCs also being very possible to release on this day. This would push the prices of 84+ players through the roof, as well as potentially TOTW cards as well. It all depends on the requirements though.

The final day on our list is a disappointing one, as there is no content other than FUTMAS SBCs planned for this day.

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