Holding coins is your biggest mistake! What you want to do is invest, with 100% guaranteed money back if it doesn’t work out. Because that way it’s win win.

Whilst obvious to most, there are still some players that don’t have any IF cards in their club!

How does it work?

If you purchase an IF card, you can send it to your club. It doesn’t take up any space on your transfer list. Let’s say that player raises in price, you can simply sell them for more coins. The player can’t however lower in price, because it has a discard value of around 10,000 coins+. This means that if you need coins from the card but it hasn’t risen in price, you simply discard it. You cannot lose coins on it and can only make coins holding them.

Discard IF holding is a great thing to do as if there is hype for an event, or an SBC that requires them, you could potentially be sitting on a lot of coins and not even realise it. It’s very passive income.

Not only that, but you won’t have the coins on hand to waste on packs so you will be much less tempted to try your luck.

Whilst not really a trading method as such, it’s still a great thing to know when you have coins sitting around.

Here’s the filter to pick up what you need:

  • Quality: Special
  • Max Buy Now: 10,000

Simply pick up any 81 rated players you can find.

Change it to 10,250 for 82 rated players and 10,500 for 83s. I don’t recommend picking up lower rated cards unless you’re willing to risk losing a few coins on them (or if you can pick them up for under 9,900, then it is a good idea)

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