A nice easy method of lazy selling with much more success is to choose players that are being picked up often. This tends to be 83-86 rated players as they’re being bought very often for not only teams, but also for Icon SBCs and various other SBCs too. Whilst they aren’t up very much in price 83-85 rated players aren’t at their very minimum and whilst I can’t see them dropping value, this is still always a possible outcome of mass buying them now. The same goes with 86 rated players but to a much smaller degree. They could drop more, but this is highly unlikely.

When it comes to a buy price, I recommend looking under 16k for purchases, and if possible, spread out your purchases along multiple players

The trick here is to purchase the cheapest 86 rated player and then list them up for lazy buyers for 1k profit per card

Don’t forget about these guys either who will drop down in value during lightening rounds and new packs

Enter your prices like so:

[Sell Price] = [Buy Price] + 1,500

So you can work your Sell Price out with this. For example if you buy for 15,250, your sell price will equal 15,250 + 1500 = 16,750

You’re guaranteed to get plenty of lazy buyers. Never relist all your players in bulk, list them up with at least 5 seconds between each player listed, as this will increase your sales significantly.

The reason this is doubling down is for two reasons

1) 86s fluctuate in price every few hours. So if you pick up the cheapest 86, it gets put into SBC solutions and then rises 1k anyway. This means that you’re in the profit zone without the need for lazy buyers

2) When we see big SBCs in the form of Icon SBCs or FlashBack SBCs, we see their prices rise anyway for these SBCs significantly, and so by holding onto these cards, you’re making good profit on them anyway

This is why these cards are incredibly low risk. I can also see them starting to rise in price when we see League Premiem Packs disappear too

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