Lately we keep seeing the market dropping further and further in price. We’re seeing SBCs supplying users with packs and adding to the supply of each card. From here, we’re also seeing these SBCs take coins off of the market, in the form of untradable UCL two player packs.

This combo essentially means that player prices are constantly dropping, which is never good news to an investor. This does however open up for a slightly crazy market and increases how well Day Trading works out for us. For the next few days il be supplying you guys with some different methods to trade your way up the coin ladder.

Tonight we’ve seen the introduction of a brand new TOTW. This means that more packs are being opened than usual. We can expect a larger amount of non rare golds sitting on the market ready to be picked up by us.

I suggest the following filter:

  • Quality: Gold
  • Max Bid Price: 350

From here you’re simply going to mass bid 350/400 coins on cards. You won’t win all of them but should still win a good few of them.

Use FUTBIN to check the individual price of each player you’ve picked up. If they don’t have value, simply list them up for 450 coins Buy It Now and get a quick sale.

Rinse and repeat this easy filter for quick coins. You may find that it results in a market ban relatively quickly, so you can move from console to the web app, where you won’t be market banned. Continue trading on your mobile device until you receive a market ban in there too. You should be able to move back to console by the end of this time. If you don’t want to risk being market banned for an hour and not able to access the market at all, you can try an alternative method…

Head over to FUTBIN and select the popular players list:

Find some regular NIF gold cards and create a list. What you want to do here is search up a player, and attempt to snipe him for 30 seconds to a minute. You usually find that you will pick up 1 card (usually straight away) and sometimes 2 or 3 if you’re lucky. Sell them on and move onto the next player.

This method tends to be quite effective because you’re searching between lots of players, usually ones that players are looking to sell, and undercut the current lowest for a quick sale. By searching between lots of different players, you can go much longer before receiving a market ban.

Look out tonight for my overnight flips as I believe we may have a few choices tonight to make some great coins!

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