The market in general should see cards rising in price very soon, which is good news for us when it comes to trading. This doesn’t mean we can’t make a load more coins whilst we wait though!

The introduction of UCL cards to the market has caused plenty of confusion over the past couple of days, but by spotting some patterns and tricks, we can make plenty of coins from them with this easy method…


Head over to FUTBIN and filter down the player database to rare UCL cards.

You should now get a list of UCL players that are rares. Filter this list by price, and skip the pages where the value is 0 coins

We skip the players worth 0 coins because they’re extinct due to their small price ranges. Some players are very worth looking into sniping due to being worth much more.

Other cards on there are simply just not currently listed as lots of these cards are very rare

You should now have a list of players, look for the players worth 8k+:


Head over to your console or the companion app, and create a new concept Squad with as many UCL Concept players as possible in the team (avoid cards you already own as they will be added to your squad, rather than using a concept card)

I like to create multiple teams. Make sure that every player is unique, we want to get as many different players in as possible


Click on each individual player and press “Compare Price”. Scroll to the 60th minute taking note of what the average lowest prices are. If you see a player that looks like they’ve been listed too cheap (happens very often) then pick them up quick and simply re-list for a low price but one that will make you profit.

You can see that someone listed Burki for way too cheap here:

I missed it but it had been up for 2 minutes at least. It’s very easy to win these cards. I could have resisted for 8000 coins for after tax profit of 2.5k on a single card.

You can see here I managed to pick up Falcao for 9.7k.

From here, compare the price once more and check what sort of price you can sell the card for:

Falcao is actually extinct here (but be carful, price ranges may mean that you can list any higher. I knew that his price range was 15k)

I wouldn’t bother picking up extinct cards at max price, almost all of them at some point will drop in value through the day.

If you hesitate to pick up a player because you aren’t sure if they’re a good price, don’t bother at all, because you’re more than likely about to lose coins or struggle to break even. If it looks like a good deal, there’s a good chance it is.

If you’re unsure on what price a player usually is, use FUTBIN to check the price of the player through the day.

Here is a situation you may come across:

Whilst it may look like a good buy, it isn’t. His max price range is 15k so even if you buy it, you can’t make any coins off of him and can only lose them. He appears on the market from time to time, rather than being extinct. If this was 12.5k, I would pick him up and delist for max as someone will buy him at 15k.

The Results:

Within 5 minutes, I picked up 3 cards:

They all sold in 10 minutes:

I can continue to find and buy more cards in that small waiting period.

5 minutes of work landed me 12,900 coins profit. Keep this up for an hour (you won’t get market banned) and you could be making over 250k… I feel like my results were slightly lucky and I tend to make slightly less on each card, but if I had continued like I did, I was looking at 387,000 coins profit after tax.

This method won’t be dying any time soon either!

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