Not everyone wants to go unassigned on TOTW cards. It involves a lot of time buying and selling cards as well as a lot of time waiting (and its all super boring and repetitive!)

This guide is not that. In fact it’s a method that you don’t need many coins to get involved with!

First, go check your club for non-rare gold cards from the top 5 leagues and their prices…

Here is the result of just a few cards I have. These 5 cards may be discarded by some players for less than 2,000 coins. By selling them, I’ve managed to get myself 9,200 coins.

I still need to go through pages and pages of players in my club, which could easily amount to a few hundred thousand coins, which is why I highly suggest you do the same (before you accidentally submit them into an SBC!)

Why is this important? Firstly I want you guys to max out your coins but it also presents us with a very nice trading opportunity…

Start off by creating a concept squad made up of non-rare gold players from the top 5 leagues that have value (anyone worth 1k+)

To find these players, look for positions that are scarce for a team. Positions that tend to be more valuable are LW, LM, LB, CB, RB, RM and RW, however there will often be some central players that also have plenty of value, especially if they’re key to completing their respective teams League SBC.

For this example, il use Holebas. He makes the League SBC solutions on FUTBIN.

Go to “compare price” for your chosen player and scroll over to the 59th minute:

As you can see, I’ve found one for 1,000 coins. From here I can pick up the card and sell him for 1,500 coins.

Rinse and repeat. This sounds like a lot of work but it really isn’t! You’re looking at 300-1,000 coins profit on each card easily.

You can also find a deal every minute by cycling through players in a concept squad.

By doing this, you could easily make 30-40k in an hour on a low budget, which is pretty good at this stage of FIFA!

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