3 major cards, two of which we know very little about. First off, we can start with what we do know, and this is POTM.

The main contenders are Mane (3G 0A 3W), Firmino (3G 1A 3W) and Vardy (4G 1A 3W).

Here is a POTM tracker to show off a few more stats, made by @Futditup. We won’t be covering Bundesliga POTM yet as that drops on the 19th of the month.

If you weren’t already aware, EPL POTM will be dropping on Friday 12th of April at a random point in the day.

What this tracker doesn’t show us however is that Sterling (3G 0A 3W) is also a possible POTM winner.

With that said, public votes have given these results:

Mané is first, followed by a joint vote on Sterling and Firmino where others such as Vardy have only received 9% of the fan vote.

Let’s first look into POTM investments across all players…


We can always rely on our trusty TOTW investments, and the ones I’m looking at in particular are EPL TOTWs.

Currently, all of the lower rated (82 and under) cards are sat at ridiculous prices, simply because they always rise in price significantly over time. There is no point investing here as we will be overpaying for players that will probably never see themselves in an SBC solution ever again.

There are some players I am looking at though still. The first of which is an 83 Rated TOTW that I believe many of you guys have picked up on already

Mee is the cheapest 83 Rated EPL TOTW available, although he is very close to the same price as an 84 TOTW. This doesn’t bother me as an investment however due to his position and nation, offering way more chemistry in teams, especially due to how starved the CB position is of cheap mid range rated high chem players

No matter who wins POTM, they’re gonna be pretty expensive, and so we can be sure that an EPL IF Card will more than likely be needed. If not, the hype for these cards should have increased by the 11th, along with the general prices on the rest of market, given that we still have no sign of any upcoming promotions.

This card will be out of packs on Wednesday 10th 18:00 GMT anyway, meaning we will likely see his price begin to rise, even before POTM drops.

The next player on this list is of course Guaita, who is not only one of the cheapest 84 TOTW cards, but is Spanish too, which is always great for when players rise in price.

I can certainly see this card being invested in by quite a few players, and so the rise in value may not be as significant as other cards, however we can still expect profit off of this card.

(The prices of these cards are almost the same, if not a bit cheaper on PS4!)

Next up, we can take a look at our cheapest players at each rating, as well as position…

One of the best pickups you can make will be Juan Mata. Not only does he always end up going cheap (1.3k PS4/1.8k XB1), but he always ends up in SBC solutions.

Not only can he fulfil any EPL requirements, but he also creates Spanish links over into LaLiga for any extra chemistry.

Whenever a RM/RW is needed in an EPL Squad, Mata is always your best friend. This card reach 2.5k-4.5k depending on importance to a team

We can see this in his daily price changes, hitting lows for close to 1.5k and rising significantly over and over again. He also creates chemistry in the RB slot which is always helpful when high chemistry is needed but other players are simply way too overpriced.

A very low-key and low budget investment for you guys is these two players, Digne and Davies. With almost no cheap LB/RB choices and chemistry being so vital, these cards have some good potential to double in price. This of course relies on a formation needing a LB/RB card, but has some good payoff potential.

I usually wouldn’t waste everyone’s time on an investment like this, however with so many EPL players being extremely inflated in price still, even though the Mid Tier Icon SBC ended a while ago, we will likely be seeing some lower rated team requirements, and a high demand for chemistry rich players, which is fit by these guys here.

As a whole, a lot of players are still pretty damn inflated, making for very few options as of right now.

Mané/Firmino Investments

The reason that I have bundled these two together is that the investments we would make for one, is pretty much the exact same for the other…

Of course we would have to start by looking at the players themselves:

And would you look at that, the cheapest available 86 Rated EPL Players (and close to being the cheapest 86 rated players in general), just happen to be Firmino and Mane.

If we invest in them now, there is a chance that we will lose coins on them, simply because like mentioned earlier, the market is heavily inflated on SBC fodder.

Because of this we have two options:

  • Buy now and potentially lose a few thousand coins
  • Wait until Monday

I believe that we can get some nice prices on Monday for a few reason…

Sunday night is the Weekend League Sell off period, and Monday morning is Squad Battle Rewards. Another influx of packs should hopeful bring their prices down, even if it’s just for a bit. Whilst usually more coins would mean that prices go up, I think that the already too high prices will have to come down alongside new supply, with much less demand for these cards around that time.

I can’t see the cards dropping much in value, but it’s always possible that we can get some slightly better deals.

A slightly safer options however could be Fabinho not only does he cover any Liverpool requirements for both Mane and Firmino but he also covers Brazilian links to Firmino whilst also being one of the cheapest 85’s but with huge chemistry options.

The reason that this investment goes even further is that this card is still valuable as a player in peoples teams:

As we can see, his current price of 15k/16k on PS4 and XB1 respectively is only a little higher than that of the cheapest we have ever seen this card. This player is still meta in players teams and should be on the rise next Thursday if we still haven’t seen any sign of a new promo.

One final note to make about this card is that as a link investment to POTM, I can see him rising anyway

This investment is then even further solidified by the fact that Robertson has received an 87 Rated LB card recently, making his way into lots of players teams, being seen as a very meta card, as well as players now having the chance to pick up his 86 through FUT Swap rewards too

Im amazed that this SBC only needs 6 FUT Swap tokens!

Sterling Investments

I probably wouldn’t worry too much about Sterling winning POTM, simply due to only scoring his 3 goals in 1 of the 3 games. Il be covering him none the less because he is always a possibility.

Luckily for us Ben Mee’s 83 Rated TOTW card already covers the English requirement, meaning that we won’t need to go much further there.

Another English player in the CAM position this time could be useful in SBC solutions. I would once again wait for Monday, just in case he drops in value much due to Squad Battle Rewards. Whilst extremely inflated, he still does offer some nice chemistry in teams at a better price than quite a few other cards. Probably not the number one investment in our portfolio though!

When investing in the player them-self, Sterling is a bit more of an odd choice. This is because he was part of the Winter Refresh, receiving a +2 upgrade to 87 Rated

This would mean that if he is needed then his 85 would likely rise and his 87 wouldn’t. Since his 85 is out of packs, I wouldn’t worry too much about losing coins on him, as it could be a good idea to at least store 1 of his cards to the club.

I also can’t see there being too much hype surrounding the idea of Sterling winning POTM, and so I would simply stay away from his TOTW cards too, as they won’t be profitable.


So you may be wondering why I’m talking about MLS POTM. We haven’t seen an MLS POTM for the first 6 months of this game, and there hasn’t even been talks of POTM being a thing for this league. So why am I talking about it?

FUT Watch, the guys responsible for helping leak many of the new SBCs, pack types and future events, as well as card designs, have found some new code in the game. Recently added was this image:

What this is, is a new card type added into the game, which is shown with the card ID being 67, and being named MLS POTM.

There is no card design in the code, which would have been the biggest giveaway, however there is code which helps describe its colours, which shows hex colour codes to be a blue design, found out by FIFA Rosters.

There is no confirmation that this could lead anywhere, however this is a very good time to mention that EA does in fact sponsor the MLS, and has the rights to release MLS POTM SBCs, making this very possible.

We have no idea what kind of requirements will be given for this SBC, if it even drops. For that reason, we can do something slightly different. Whenever an MLS POTM drops, if at all, pick up Silver MLS players, as more players will want to start the MLS League SBCs and get ahold of some higher rated special cards. I would also recommend picking up some high end MLS special cards if the SBC does drop without any kind of warning.

These investments will be made after (but still ASAP) an SBC drops, so we won’t be pre-investing for something that may not even drop at all, and could be yet another thing put into the game code to throw us off of actual content being dropped.


Sunday is the day for EFL POTY, where many EFL players will be receiving awards, as well as SBCs to be completed.

These players won’t be very desirable. They will be tough to link into teams, they won’t have the best stats, and will just overall not be completed by many people.

Because of this, the requirements are usually fairly cheap, where we saw last year it was as simple as an 81 Rated Team with 1 TOTW needed.

This isn’t going to cause players to suddenly rise in price significantly, instead this will, at best, cause some discard value TOTW cards to rise in price by a few k coins.

Use the following filter to try and pick up some TOTW cards as cheap as possible and store them to club, no further work needs to be done:

From here, scroll the the 59th minute and look to pick up any gold TOTW cards (75+).

There is a good chance that we may not even see these players drop at all as SBCs. Unless they’re made very high rated, very few people will want to complete them, and so to combat this, EA could very easily wait until next Friday, and drop some new Weekly Objectives, with some rewards including the EFL POTY and YPOTY Cards. With a decent rating, players will go for these cards anyway.

If this happens, we won’t be getting SBCs at all, and so many people Investments would flip. Of course you can’t go wrong with discard value TOTWs, but nothing else actually rises with these cards, due to the lack of demand for them.

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