Here are some of my top tips when it comes to Day 1 Trading in FIFA. Day 1 is referencing the very first day in which the general user can log into the web app and begin trading on their account to earn some coins…

One of the biggest mistakes I see at the very beginning of FIFA, is that users are all trying to get ahold of big players early to flex on others about how good their team is. Don’t be that guy!

During the web app, you cannot play with your team, and so your team is completely irrelevant. Instead, you want to be liquidating every single asset you own and using those coins to trade with.

Yes popular players begin to rise in price during the start of FIFA, however day 1 is absolutely not the right time to be buying them.

Flex your coin balance, not the players you own on day 1.

In FIFA, trading and investing will be the best way for the casual player to earn themselves a very high end team. If you want to trade though, you need the coin balance to trade with.

The more coins you have for your investments, the more profit you will make. This is why you want to be putting in your fair share of a few hours trading each day from day 1. Get coins early on so that you have more to invest with when the big investments come around.

Here is an example…

Let’s say we’re at the release of FIFA, and we want to invest in some players going out of packs for TOTW 2, we know the perfect player to invest in and are expecting 400% profit (4x the coins you put into the investment) and another investment that will net us 150% profit afterwards (1.5x the coins you put into the investment)

Player 1 did minimal trading early on and has 7k coins to invest with. He places all of his coins into the first investment and comes out with 28k and then puts that into the next investment and ends up with a total of 42,000 coins. Pretty insane right? They’re off to a good start.

Player 2 did more trading however and has 25k coins to invest with. Using the exact same investments as Player 1, Player 2 ends up with 100k after the first investment and then 150k after the second investment.

Player 2 did the exact same as Player 1, the only difference is that Player 2 put more work into earning coins early on.

Player 2 has earned just 18,000 coins more than Player 1 and using the same investments, ended up with 108,000 coins more profit by doing the exact same thing.

By earning more early on, you’re making things much easier for yourself.

This one may sound odd, but listen out. Do not invest.

There is a difference between actively trading and investing that many people don’t realise (lots of people assume they’re the same thing).

Here are the definitions of Investing and Trading:

When you invest, you lock up your coins into those investment for a period of time. Let’s say you expect to make 1,000% (which is insane and won’t actually happen) on an investment that will pay out in 4 days time. If you put in 2,000 coins on day 1 and come back on day 4 to your 20k Coins, it’s not actually very impressive. That’s a total of 18k coins earned over a period of 4 days. That just 4.5k coins each day.

The difference with trading however is that you’re actively buying and selling items for profit over and over. There are minimal waiting times on your profit, especially when you’re using methods such as sniping to buy low and sell high very quickly for instant profit.

When trading, you can easily knock out well over 4.5k coins in a single day. Even a casual trader may be able to earn 15k each day and end up with 60k coins by day 4, which is 300% more than the insane investment.

Investing is by far much easier, less time consuming and profitable when you already have tons of coins to invest with, but on day 1, this simply will not be the case, and trading is absolutely your best bet.

Another day 1 top tip is to diversify. By this, I mean you need to be buying and selling different wildly different items. Maybe you want to trade with position changers, a few bronze/silver players, golds from big leagues and small leagues, as well as chem styles and kits. Don’t just stick to 1 thing.

The reason for this is that sometimes buyers come to a halt. If you keep buying and selling position changers alone, you will reach a stale period where nobody is buying your items. All of a sudden you will be left with no coins to trade with, simply because all your coins are locked up in the items you have listed up and waiting to sell. If it’s gonna take 20 minutes for your items to sell, then that’s 20 minutes of time you lost where you’re unable to actively trade and then you will fall behind other traders, you will see deals that you can’t buy and can only watch as someone else takes them.

Trading with different items reduces the chances of this happening and you will find you have more consistent sales and can continue to trade constantly.

Don’t buy packs with your coins. This includes everything, from 200 coins (Bronze Pack Method will be awful early on with very few uses, and so few buyers, of the Bronze cards), all the way up to a 5k and 7.5k Pack.

Sure, some very low rated players are selling for 15k a each, but you’re at a huge disadvantage with the odds being that you lose a large % of your coins spent on those packs.

Be aware of your trade pile size. With minimal slots available, you don’t want to fill them with items that aren’t selling, otherwise you will have to wait a full hour for them to expire before you can continue trading.

This also means that you don’t want to list items up for longer than 1 hour. There is no need and all you’re doing is risking having your trade pile locked up with cards that won’t sell.

Don’t follow the crowd. If someone gives you advice on buying a certain player, or using a certain filter because they made tons of coins, there is a good chance that everyone will be doing the same and so winning items becomes next to impossible.

Earning 10 coins is better than earning 0 coins. Players will often reduce their profit margins down to next to nothing because everyone would rather earn something than nothing. Prepare for the market to be absolutely cut-throat and for trading to be difficult.

Sniping is king. Sniping will provide you with a lot of profit early on in FIFA, look to earn no more than 100 coins on your cards and you will soon be reaching more and more digits in your balance.

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