We are very much ready to get invested with some big investments ready to be made over the coming days. Get your coins ready because we should be looking at a whole lot of profit this week…

Let’s start out by saying that we may potentially have found a leak. Now I’d like to say that I do not have access to any of the leaks for the FFS promo, and so I’m doing what ANY person would be able to do with a bit of research.

I went out of my way to find out some kind of leak because I saw just how much available profit there is by knowing which players will drop. Today there won’t be any SBC, however if we take a look at yesterday’s SBC, we can know how to invest.

So yesterday, a very affordable SBC for a 90 Rated De Jong with really good stats dropped and this is how it effected prices…

A perfect link to a fantastic CB card pushed up the price of De Ligt significantly! Sitting at around 370k before the SBC dropped and hitting 520k after, that is a total of 124k profit per card after tax.

In the first image for Tagliafico, we can see he slowly rises in price for the new De Jong Card, and in the second we can see he rose for the new De Ligt card, so he has risen twice due to being linked up to other players.

According to my research, the next card in line is Alphonso Davies, dropping on Monday at 18:00 GMT

There is a small problem with Davies though. We don’t know if his card will be released as either a LM or a RM card

This makes it much more difficult to make link investments appropriately…

As of writing this EA has managed to leak the new SBC on their own Twitter, which is extremely annoying, because now it’s fully public info:

Il continue to do some research in order to find out the next player to drop Tuesday, although I believe that this will be Ndombele. We will have to wait and find out

Davies has a few links that could be very good if he turns out to be very cheap. This includes a very obvious choice of Alaba

It should be noted that he has already started to rise in price significantly, so there is likely to be very little profit now, or potentially even a loss. That’s why we are ignoring this card for now.

This gives us a great Segway to a slightly different investment, in the form of link investing to a new TOTW card…

That player is Goretzka, who looks very likely to get into TOTW 19! Whats even better is that his OTW card means that he will start off with a much larger supply of cards and so more players will own the upgraded card and look to play him in their squads. This makes a few cards very good investments, as German Bundesliga players as well as Bayern Munich players tend to have lots of meta strong/perfect links, as we can see here…


I really like the look of this investment. Not only is this an amazing price for this card, but he also offers links all over the place, to new cards and new squads. He has fantastic stats, and is seen as a high end card. At 25k on XB1 and 23.5k on PS4, is be looking to pick up plenty of this card, and it could also end up being my main investment for the week


Kimmich has already risen slightly as the possibility of being used in the new Alphonso Davies SBC, however I believe he still has plenty of room to rise here, for all the same reasons as Boateng. Just take a look at these links in Players teams…

As you can see, there are some strong choices here!

These should max out in price on Thursday as players start to buy their teams for the Weekend League

Whilst this may be counterintuitive, there are probably too many good players that could get into TOTW 19, and there is still more time for players to get into the new TOTW. This makes predicting who will make it in, even more difficult. We will be looking at multiple predictions and making further investments on more TOTW links and looking out for any leaked SBC cards as well as any other new cards that could drop

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