If you want to make coins early on in FIFA, you need to trade rather than invest. Investing is still very much possible, but it’s more beneficial to actively trade in the early days, because investing tends to need a lot of coins in the first place to outweigh the benefits of just trading in the same time period.

The main ways you’re really going to make money here is through bidding and sniping, and so a lot of trading methods are simply variations of these two.

Chemistry styles are a pretty safe bet when it comes to trading, as they also double up as an investment if you get stuck with them.

First, you want to be looking at any Chen style that has a value of 300 coins or more. Anything less and there is a chance that the market could be flooded with the same item and push the cards to rock bottom. Whilst it doesn’t seem that bad to make a 100 coin loss, it’s actually much worse than you think, because if the item isn’t even selling at 200 coins, then you will have to discard them for just a few coins for almost 300 coins loss per card. We avoid this by using the valuable chem styles.

Using FUTBINs app or website, you can quickly see what styles will sell

The prices here aren’t updates very often, meaning that you can actually see what they were selling for just a few hours prior. In this case, we can see that the Sentinel style was selling for 600 coins, but if we check the market now, it’s no longer the case:

What we can see here is a high and low price for the card, where 600 coins (or potentially more) is the high point and 400 coins is the low point.

We could simply buy all of these cards and then sell them later on when they bounce back up in price, however there are only 4 cards to buy and you will make a grand total of 680 coins, which isn’t really worth it. Instead, we will milk this cards potential for more coins by bidding on what’s available.

Players often base their bids off of the current buy now of a card. If the card sells for 1000, they will bid up to around 900 coins. In this case, a 400 coin card may be bidder up to 350 coins, which is exactly what we will do.

We’re looking to buy more cards and at a better price…

Often there aren’t many of a Chem style on the market because they’re mostly ignored by players. This means I have put down a bid for a load of cards without taking up too much of my transfer target slots. In this case, I’ve placed a bid on 9 items across a 20 minute span.

When I win these cards, I can simply list them up for 600 each and make 220 coins per card for 1,980 coins profit. It doesn’t sound like much but is still only 3,150 coins put into the bids. Making it fantastic at low budget.

What is even better though is that we can scale this up, and repeat this process on a different chem style.

By repeating on 5 or 6 styles at once, you can look to invest 15-20k coins in a 20 minute period, and come out with 10k profit. If you were to repeat this for the full hour, you could even be looking at 30k profit, however it’s better to spread that 60 minutes across the day as of course some of these cards will be at high points when you want to buy them, so don’t expect to make 720,000 coins in a 24 hour period.

Don’t forget, the market changes constantly, and so you will lose some cards

With that said however, you will also win plenty of them too

Why does this work?

Most players don’t pay much or any attention to chem styles. They are also disregarded completely as most users are looking to trade with players themselves.

An ignored market may also mean that players aren’t aware of the value of each card and so when mass listing occurs, it can temporarily push prices down, which is when we jump in on bids to get some great deals before those cards expire and the prices rise again naturally.

This effect is seen all over the market and so flipping occurs constantly, however with chem styles, there is less risk due to not changing too much in price over the year (players tend not to sell chem styles they pack and either discard them or send them to the club).

I talked earlier about these cards doubling up as an investment, and this is because on the full release of the game, players will be loading up FIFA points and getting some coins to start building their teams. When you buy a player, lots of users want a chem style to go with their cards, and so push prices up temporarily. There will be a massive influx of supply too from these packs however, but this is simply another buying opportunity before they rise in price, especially as they will rise more coming into the first Weekend League.

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