This is incredibly intense! I won’t go through everything that has dropped and what FUT Birthday will be about exactly, as there is silly so much content, and I’m sure you guys have already seen what’s going on… one thing we will look at though is the brand new team:

Tons of exciting players in here!

Not only that but we now have some Weekly Objective Players too:

And also the daily content that we’re gonna be seeing:

We will be getting new Player SBCs every day.

This entire promo has started off with a bang, but we’re still missing the upgrade SBCs. This to me, means that there will be some kind of TOTW SBCs yet to drop.

And with promo packs dropping left right and centre, the cheapest available 83 Rated cards are now back down to pretty much discard value

This is a great time to be buying, as there is just not way they stay cheap with so much content yet to drop, and with it being likely that lightening rounds stop dropping after a few days.

Following in the 83’s footsteps, 81 Rated TOTWs from this week have flooded the market very quickly, dropping prices down significantly. I think that this will continue over the weekend too

We are almost definitely going to see a Serie A player get an SBC at some point too, meaning that Ekdal, being close to discard value, could be a great pick up, as he will be an easy link into Serie A squads. Not only that but he will provide tons of cheapest solutions.

The first of many SBCs dropped today, with Werner starting them off. A problem here is that he is coming in at around 420,000 coins. This is way too expensive, that means many players won’t complete the SBC. Whilst it’s bad for anyone that wants this card, it is great for us when it comes to investing. Many players will be hungry to complete some SBCs, so as soon as a player that is great value for money, or is simply just overall very cheap to complete, drops, then we will be doing some link investing with them, because so many players are going to be completing these kind of cards.

The Investing Plan

Today, I’m looking to start picking up some of the cheapest available 83 Rated players, as well as some discard TOTWs (at 81 Rated). Lots of players have dropped in price due to everyone spending their coins, and this keeps prices on general, pretty damn low.

We will also take a look into all new SBCs that drop and go through a simple checklist:

Are they good value?

If they are, then we’re looking for link investments, this means any players that provide a strong link, wether that be through playing for the same team, or the same nation in the same league. The link investments must be affordable players for pretty much everyone, but also meta enough to be in peoples first teams happily.

Do they have previous special cards?

A load of these players will more than likely have special cards already. Today we saw a new Werner SBC drop, and look what it did to his Headliner card:

Usually sitting at around 530k, he managed to drop down to 475k within an hour, where he is now sat at 470k. These SBCs expire after 1 week and so the rebound in price will likely be very slow but still profitable

What we will try to do is capitalise on big drops in player value, as their previous special cards take massive hits.

I would expect the special cards to rise in value slightly overnight once lightening rounds end. We will watch how Werner continues to change in price and use this as the basis on what will happen with all of other previous IFs of the next load of special cards.

TOTW Pick Ups

This will be a great day to start picking up a lot of our investments for the testing the promo. This will be a low point in the market all around, giving us a great opportunity to start picking up different high chem cards, as well as other key players for SBCs.

Here are some players il be looking at…

Djene is a very much underrated card, having great stats and work rates, as well as being one of the cheapest 82 Rated TOTWs available. He links to LaLiga players, meaning that he will make his way into plenty of SBC solutions. As with the other TOTW cards on this list, they will all be out of packs on Wednesday, and I believe that players will begin to invest in them on Tuesday, and so we will be getting in a day early when prices are hopefully even cheaper too.

4 out of 5 TOTW players at 84 Rated are almost at 20k and under! This is always a great buy price, as we know that out of packs we can usually get around 25k from them pretty easily.

Amazingly, Hernandez is one of the cheapest EPL TOTWs available at all! Deulofeu and Zaha recently dropped in price as expected with this promo, but if Hernandez does reach 20k then he is without a doubt a great pickup. Whilst it may be a bit early to think about the next EPL POTM, Premier League TOTWs always do well out of packs, simply due to demand, especially on a very much usable card like this one (there is a reason he was worth over 40k once TOTW dropped initially).

To reiterate; under 20k is a good buy and anything lower, even by 1-2k will be huge for profit, and should be bought in masses by Monday.

Here is a bit of a strange one for us to look at:

85 Rated TOTW Kagawa

No we aren’t investing in this card. Instead we’re using it as a perfect case example for another investment.

For those that don’t know why he is worth so much, this is why:

Kagawa provides no chem at all and being very little to a squad except for a high rating and being a TOTW. Because of this, he became very very cheap. So cheap in fact that he was used in every single SBC solution which caused EVERYONE completing SBCs to buy his card, and so despite his huge supply, his even bigger demand meant that his price rose up very quickly.

Now we can take a look at another player from this TOTW

Hamdallah is getting pretty close to the 23k mark. Once he hits this point, he becomes one of my favourite investments. The demand for this card will be absolutely insane once out of packs, especially with 10 new Icon SBCs alongside 11 other SBCs, most of which needing TOTWs and high rating.

At 23k, I would be buying this card, as he will be very quickly hitting 28-30k once out of packs. This will likely begin to happen close to Monday/Tuesday, so get in ASAP when you see a good price.

There are also some CSL players that can link to this card too, giving him just that but extra demand too.

On Monday, we will also begin looking into some possible Thursday Flip options. This may come from some cheap SBC players, or from the next TOTW.

High Rated Pickups

This promo is almost identical to that of the Carniballers promo we saw just last week, in terms of how the market will react.

Make sure you’re bidding on the 83’s, 84’s and 85’s at 19:05, 20:05 and 21:05 as there will be so many deals each day!!!

Even though we are seeing tons of SBCs, the prices of SBC fodder will not rise in general. This is because players are completing SBCs and are low on coins, and so can’t afford to pay for more high rated cards.

Others will be desperate for coins and will sell high rated cards off at a lower price to get a sale and the process repeats of spending coins, and players becoming cheaper. We will be on the lookout for specific cards that were very profitable after the Carniballers promo ended and the market could breath again.

Some of the best investments will be the higher chemistry cards!!!

UCL Live Investments

If you didn’t read yesterday’s upload, we talked about picking up some UCL Lives towards the end of the promo, and from what I can see, Thursday/Friday will be a fantastic time to do so. This is because players will be receiving extra coins from Thursday rewards and will plan on spending them on SBCs that are already out. People will splash out extra coins too and the market will be at its very lowest at this point.

It is at this point that Coins are King. The value of the coin will be at its highest, as players will have little to no buying power, making everyone on the market stupidly cheap. Take a look at UCL Sterling for example:

He was 600k+ just a couple days ago! Now he’s under 500k again. With the UCL starting up again just over 1 week after this promo ends, I believe that they will be some of the most profitable cards.

Hidden Profitable SBCs!

With the prices of 83’s dropping so much and huge supply available on high Chemistry 82 rated players, there are now some SBCs available that are very much great value for rewards, that so many people are overlooking.

On both Bergkamp and Desailly Icon SBCs, the 83 Rated Squad doesn’t require any TOTWs

Because of this, there is a Mega Pack reward that will cost you around 12-13k to get! Be on the lookout each day as a new Icon SBC will drop and some of them may contain a mega pack in the 83 Squad and not need any TOTWs, making it super cheap to complete!

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