Potential Icon SBCs

With plenty of new occurrences yesterday, including a controversial adding and removal of a mid tier Icon SBC, there are a few different lanes we can take for investing

Now this could be a misdirection by EA because what happened as a result of dropping this into the code and then removing it again caused prices to rise significantly and then drop again.

This was the price of a cheap 84, going from 2,300, all the way up to 3,300 and ten back down to 2,400. Now, card in general are sat a bit higher in price due to the anticipation of what could possibly drop should EA add something back into the games code.

Something like this doesn’t really happen for no reason, and I certainly feel as if we could possibly see an Icon SBC drop, the same as last year during FUT Birthday.

What pushes me to believe this even more is that we have the 82-87 SBC, and an SBC like this has always only dropped whenever we have had an Icon SBC too, so it just comes across as very suspicious, and that we’re potentially going to see an Icon SBC. If we do, we can expect some serious explosions in Player prices for SBC fodder!

We have two options when it comes to investing here, the risky way with more profit, or the much safer way with much less profit.

The Risky Way

85 rated players are currently sitting at around 10-11k right now, which is quite high for them and 86’s are sat at 20k which is also high for them.

If you believe that we are getting an Icon SBC, then these will make for huge profit investments, with 85’s doubling in price, all the way up to 20k and 86’s reaching 28k. This makes the 85’s the better choice here but 86’s are also pretty good.

84’s have huge profit potential too, with them sitting at around 2.5k right now and reaching 8k with an Icon SBC, but they will take much longer to buy.

The reason that this investment is risky is that the longer we wait for an Icon SBC, the more the prices of these players drop by the day. Players are selling off their investments in these cards more and more as they get out of the investment in case the Icon SBC doesn’t drop at all, where you will be losing a ton of coins, which is seriously not good!

But like I said, if you’re a risk taker, and it pulls through then there’s tons of profit on the other side.

The Safe Way

The safer way involves two choices. The first of which is our 83’s which are already pretty close to discard and so you don’t have to worry about losing coins on them, but they also double up as an Icon SBC investment, with them hitting 3k last time we had that SBC drop. So now if we get either the Icon or TOTW SBC, then we’re in the money.

But that’s not extremely relevant to the situation and more of a coincidence with the investment as we have already been picking up these kinds of cards.

What is good to know is that SBC fodder didn’t fully rise in a single day, and so we know what value these cards should hold.

For example, if we get the Icon SBC, and 84’s reach 5k in cost, due to everyone selling and nobody buying over 5k, then we have a small 1 day window where we can pick up all of these cards for 5k and wait for them to reach the actual value of 8k. Yes there is less profit involved, but it’s so much safer too, which is why il personally be going down this route of waiting to see if the SBC drops, and when it does, picking up 84+ under their previous selling values

If the Icon SBC drops, these are the prices that each rating should be selling at, so it’s worth picking them up if they’re cheaper than these prices…

  • 84 Rated – 8,000
  • 85 Rated – 19,000
  • 86 Rated – 28,000
  • 87 Rated – 35,000
  • 88 Rated – 45,000

Another area we can visit is TOTWs, as they also are very safe:

84 Rated TOTW cards hit a massive 34,000 coins and 81 Rated TOTW cards hit 20,000 coins. These two rating were by far the most profitable.

I would pick up some 81’s for 12k and under and 84’s for 21k and under. They’re very safe and will rise anyway, but I won’t go into huge details onto these as investments, as it is very simple to pick up players from the current TOTW.

Thursday Flips

Quite honestly, this TOTW is awful! And there seriously isn’t many cards that I’m interested in at all here.

These cards offer very little in terms of link investments, which is a huge disappointment. TOTW has been incredibly lacklustre recently, making Thursday Flips harder than ever.

With that said, a method that had died off a lot is still working great but nobody is talking about it, so for now we will be using it ourselves…

Take a look at 87 Sterling for example. He was sat at around 30k, sometimes slightly under, until he went into TOTW. On the Wednesday he went out of packs, he rose all the way 33k, which was a nice rise, and everyone started to sell him off, but the supply wasn’t there and he is still a key player to many teams, and so he continued to rise out of packs due to no supply and a continued demand.

As we can see by a close look at this graph, the initial investors go in before he went out of packs, bought him for 27-28k and sold him for 33k which was nice profit, and they took a risk by investing in someone who may or may not have made it into TOTW. After that, he continued to risk significantly, peaking throughout the Weekend League at 39k! These investors missed out on an extra 6k profit per card, and this missed out profit is exactly what we’re taking. After this, they go back into packs and prices drop once again.

So let’s apply this out of packs method to the current TOTW, with a very much usable player:

With a TOTW in packs and a high price, many players will be turning to his regular 87 NIF Card for the Weekend League and will start buying up tomorrow, especially when they finally get some extra coins.

87 NIF Alba is almost the same as the sterling card out of packs. Starting at 28k and hitting 33k on the day out of packs. I’ve reshaped and overlayed Alba’s price changes over Sterling’s so we can see just how well they fit together

As you can see, that when matching up the prices to each other, Alba comes out ever so slightly more expensive than that of what Sterling was, and so should be following a very similar pattern. If so, we could see him hit 38-39k over the weekend!

This is a slightly risky investment, and you can lose coins on it if it doesn’t go the same way as sterling, but I think that this investment is much more worth the risk than other risky investments.

Whilst I did say that there aren’t really any Thursday flips available to us, there is just 1 area that I’m looking at for link investments that could possibly end up being a really good flip.

The top 3 players from this TOTW are either extinct at 1.2m, cost close to 1m or is Jordi Alba, at a much more realistic price of 220k for being bought.

Alba isn’t exactly the most used player in the game, but I would still say he is highly rated and used an absolute ton. With this price tag, I can see a lot of players going into the Weekend League using Alba’s TOTW card.

If we take a look at CB cards in LaLiga, there aren’t exactly many options:

The best, affordable players are Ramos, Umtiti and Nacho Fernandez.

Ramos and Nacho do look like solid choices

But I’m actually looking at Umtiti instead

Here is exactly why:

I haven’t seen anyone comment on this strong link triangle, but I can seriously see it doing wonders tomorrow when players are buying their teams.

An investment that I’m much less confident in but still has potential, would be Kante at 180k on PS4 and 140k on XB1.

Player picks mean that some players will be getting themselves a Hazard or a Pogba, but either way, Kante is providing a very meta strong link to either card. I’ve included a Headliner Pogba too as this card is already in circulation and in players clubs, meaning that they will be looking to play with his card now that he has a new upgrade too.

This card still has potential, I’m just unsure of how well a high end card will do during Thursday rewards whilst the market is the way it is.

Weekly Objectives

We already know that on Friday, we will be getting a new set of weekly objectives, and this will include some more special cards to earn, similar to that of the Ibra, Gervinho and Naldo Cards

This means that we will be getting 1 more FUT Birthday and 2 FlashBack players in the next set of weekly objectives, so there will be some seriously high demand for them.

Sadly, we don’t know who these players will be, and instead will have to make some lucky moves.

So far we’ve seen Silver players and Common Players as requirements to complete the squads needed for the games, and if EA follow this path, then we could make some bank.

EA have made us use the following types of teams too…

Previous Promo

  • Brazilian
  • German
  • French

This Promo

  • MLS
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1

I expect them to continue with the theme of using a league rather than a nation.

Top leagues left include

  • LaLiga
  • EPL
  • Bundesliga

Meaning that we could stock up our clubs with both Silver players from these leagues, as well as non rare golds too. They will come in handy for SBCs down the line too, so I see no reason not to get in on them.

The problem with this investment is that it so unspecific and relies on a lot of different things happening, but it’s still completely risk free and could give you some great profit too.

Complimentary Investing

You may have seen this term thrown around quite a bit on Twitter, and it is a term used to describe flipping card that have dropped in value since they were replaced by a new card released.

Essentially what happens is we see a new card get released, such as the new Pogba

What would happen now is any cards that he is going to replace will drop in value. So usually any meta French midfielder cards and any meta Man U midfielder cards, that are just a little bit worse than this card. Players will sell off their old cards to buy the new one.

There aren’t many midfielder cards that a 91 Pogba would replace in peoples teams. It would however, replace the 89 Pogba and the 90 Pogba from many players teams as they will look to upgrade to the 91.

Take a look at the price of the 90 Rated version:

He was almost 600k earlier and has now dropped to 500k!

A similar thing happened with his 89 card:

As you can see, he was almost 340k earlier and dropped down to almost 290k. You can however see that he has already began to rebound.

The reason for this is that more players can suddenly afford to buy these better cards and so the demand for them rises a lot. Not only this but players that sold their cards to upgrade, may realise that the new card is way too expensive for them, and more than they thought and so they have to rebuy the old card again after selling them off earlier.

Take a look at some players that have dropped in price, and consider if you think they’re worth picking up. They should rebound by tomorrow when players are buying their teams. Here’s some cards that have dropped a lot today:




It’s worth mentioning that these investment are a bit higher risk and also don’t tend to pay out all too well, which is why I mostly stay away from them, however I though I would bring them to your attention none the less just in case an investment comes up over the next few days that I’m heavily interested in

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