So with FUT Birthday underway, to very little surprise, lots of things have dropped in price an absolute ton. For the same reason I mentioned we needed to have sold up our investments before the promo, SBC fodder is low value. I’m sure that some stuff has risen, but almost everything in general dropped.

We also received the first of our upgrade SBCs, which wasn’t a TOTW upgrade, but instead, 80+ Player Pick Packs

In the actual description of the event, EA used wording to suggest that there would in fact be multiple upgrade SBCs

Because of this, I’m still very confident that we will be receiving a TOTW SBC. I have given more reasoning behind this over in the Discord earlier today when discussing the possibility of dates that it could drop

Because there is a lack of coins, SBCs are needing high rated and high chem players and packs are being opened each day, 83 Rated players have dropped to pretty much discard. This means that it is incredibly easy to make a very cheap 82/83 Rated team for a TOTW SBC

It’s so cheap currently, that if you need any old TOTW, for example in an Icon SBC like the “World Class” SBC, you’re better off completing it and having a chance at packing someone decent, than buying a TOTW off of the market.

There is no chance that a TOTW SBC stays cheap, and so 83’s will be on there way up very soon. I have capped myself to paying 850 coins for each card, and so if you’re willing to put the time into buying and selling, then you’re making great profit.

Many traders are against mass buying 83’s, simply because it is time consuming, however it is by far one of the most profitable investments, and we’re here to make coins!

A list of the 83’s that I cycle through, can be found here:

Yes we are also very happy to pick up GK cards, these SBCs don’t need much chemistry.

Once this SBC drops, we’re looking to sell ASAP, and then buy into the 81/82/84 Rated TOTWs. They will drop down significantly in price for 1 day, where we will pick them all up and sell them on. Don’t forget that we’re getting 21 total player SBCs over this promo, so those TOTWs will be very much in demand, especially as they go out of packs on Wednesday

Of course, we can’t forget about our trusty MOTM investments. These cards have very much gone under the radar, and I’m not surprised. All of these players have already reached discard value, with the exception of Bernardo Silva, who you will also notice, is in fact a position changed card!

This adds an absolute ton of value onto his card, which is much better suited to a CAM role.

Being one of the better midfielder cards in the Premier League, and not having a huge price tag, this will make him a very sought after card once out of packs, and he reminds me of the MOTM Rodrigo investment we made relatively recently.

If you forgot how that went (as the investment went a bit under the radar), this is how well he did out of packs

From 60k to 85k in a few days is a very good turnaround. That is what this investment reminds me of, so we must not forget about it.

As we can see from the promo image, these MOTM cards go out of packs at 00:00 Wednesday 27th March. What this means is that we should be looking to pick his card up on Tuesday 26th March and purchase during lightening rounds to get him when his final supply hits the market.

We may not see any lightening rounds however (if there aren’t any on Monday, then there probably won’t be any on Tuesday), and this would mean that we have to buy at 18:00-19:00 GMT as this is when players will be opening the daily puzzle SBC packs

Fingers crossed that we see a big pack drop for the FUT 13 SBC, as this will make the investment even better.

The current supply for this card is actually insanely low. At the time of writing this, there are only 74 on the market, and this is likely due to having such a low pack weight, being in packs for only a short time, and a lack of players opening promo packs. This is good news for us as a lower supply means a larger rise in price once supply ends completely, as he will be out of packs.

A good price for this card looks to be anything under 80,000 on PS4 and anything under 100,000 on XB1. Hold off of buying for now though, and wait until Monday 18:00-19:00 GMT or Tuesday 18:00-19:00 GMT before picking up any cards. Of course always fructose get in as cheap as possible.


Now – Buy 83 Rated cards and sell off as soon as a TOTW SBC drops

TOTW SBC Drops – Buy up the 81/82/84 Rated TOTWs that have dropped in price significantly

Tuesday – Pick up Bernardo Silva MOTM ready to flip once out of packs

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