FUT Birthday begin on Friday, and boy does it look exciting! EA Russia and EA Japan both accidentally leaked some valuable info on the promo early, which is great news for us…

FUT Birthday starts this Friday! 10 Days of new players to add up to a list of 21 players

With the available info, we now know that we are getting:

  • 21 FUT Birthday Player (In Packs)
  • 21 Player SBCs
  • 6 Weekly Objective Players

Inside of these 21 player SBCs, we will be seeing the likes of FlashBacks, Icons and more FUT Birthday players.

For those of you that didn’t see EA’s tweet for TOTW 27, here it is:

This is very clearly hinting towards FUT Birthday having position swap players as the main focus.

This promo will be huge, with some big Icons dropping too! Last year, we saw some insane Icons drop as SBCs over FUT Birthday, including the likes of Gullit an R9 Ronaldo.

Other SBCs were waiting to drop on Friday is TOTW SBCs, two in fact.

The first of these will be a TOTW 1-27 SBC with requirements around the likes of these:

  • Rating: Min 82
  • Chemistry: Min 30

Everyone will be completing this SBC, and they will be doing so a lot, meaning that price of 82/83 Rated players are gonna be rising, and a lot too.

At around 1.1-1.3k for the cheapest cards, I still think that this is great value.

These SBCs will be very popular and 83 Rated players will find themselves sitting at around 1.8k+ at their maximum at some point during the promo.

At discard price, the 82 Rated cards will also likely hit around 1.2-1.4k and so will also be very very profitable.

With all of this said, we need an actual game plan on how to attack this promo…

The Plan

Right now, we can be picking up Rare gold cards to stock the club up with. We will almost definitely be seeing upgrade packs and they will be very popular over the course of this promo. This is really not a priority investment though.

At the start of the promo, we will start by seeing a ton of promo packs and lightening rounds.

We will start by mass bidding on 83 rated cards during this time.

At 18:00, 19:00 and 20:00 each day, we should see lightening rounds, making the best times to bid at 19:05-19:15, 20:05-20:15 and 21:05-21:15.

These times will be great for picking up 83 Rated players for very close to discard value.

Use these times to also try and pick up any super cheap deals on high chem 84/85 rated players, as well as any 86 rated players that start dropping in value significantly.

When we get TOTW SBCs, I expect some high rated TOTWs (84 rated) to drop in price by quite a bit. When this happens, we will be picking up as many as possible, due to FlashBack and Icon SBC dropping too, ready to push prices back up again.

Overall, packs being opened will supply the market with players and SBCs in this quantity will drain those coins right out of the market. The market will drop in value over the course of the 10 day promo.

Ending on April 1st the market will have time to recover from its drop until the next promo, and this will be our big investment coming out of FUT Birthday.

From this point onwards, the market will begin to rise again, and with the UCL so close too, UCL Live cards will be by far the best pick up coming out of the promo!

Take a look at how hyped a player can get before the UCL starts up

Sterling hit 600k from under 300k very quickly as the UCL came around. Whilst I don’t expect this exactly to happen again, I do expect the UCL Lives to jump up by a lot as we exit the FUT Birthday Promo. We will further discuss the best cards to buy closer to the end of the promo.

The best way to explain this promo is to consider that it will go down almost exactly the same as the Carniball promo, with SBCs, low prices all round and lots of rebounding afterwards.

Right now, go get your 83 Rated cards picked up, and make sure you’re liquid and ready to buy at the start of the promo. On Friday, we should be able to get an even better understanding of this promo too, using Discord as well as daily guides to choose who to buy and when.

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