FUTMAS is right around the corner, starting previous years, FIFA 17 and 18, on Friday the 16th and 15th respectively.

With that said the predicted start this year will be Friday 14th if December. Whilst this isn’t a confirmed date, this is extremely likely, given that we haven’t seen the promotion start on the 1st this month.

I’m assuming most of you already know what FUTMAS is, but as a brief summary, we receive daily SBCs, rewarding “Mystery Packs” with value of a set amount. For example, a Mystery Pack May include 3k worth of coins, it may hold a draft token or it may be a 15k pack itself, as well as every pack type in between. The idea behind these packs is that many people will get different rewards throughout, as well as a kit.

This isn’t the most exciting part however as every single day, we will be receiving 3 different special card upgrades, usually with the gimmick of an advent calendar, giving upgrades to players depending on their kit numbers for their teams – we haven’t seen the use of national team numbers, but it is always possible – where day 1 is a list of 3 player between numbers 1-3 and day 2 houses players with numbers 4-6 and so on

We’re interested in prices and how this event will change the market. Take a look at these player requirements:

87 Nainggolan


  • Team Rating: Min 87
  • Team Chemistry: Min 60
  • TOTW Players: Min 2

A common theme with these SBCs, is that we need a rating between 83-87, with 83-85 Rating being much more common.

Another theme is the requirement of TOTW cards, in fact almost every single SBC will need them.

A final requirement commonly needed is Chemistry. Unlike the TOTW SBCs, we will be needing Chemistry throughout meaning that we have some players that I would avoid…

Players that wont rise much include those that are low rated and bad chemistry. This is everyone 80 rated and below, as well as players outside of the top leagues, with the exception of those that have easy to link nations.

I would also stay away from the 83/84 Rated GK cards due to the lack of chemistry they’re going to be able to provide

Not only these players, but there are few others I would stay away from, including the much higher rated players, 89+ due to the lack of teams needing them.

Who should you invest in?

The prime players to pick begin with 83-86 Rated players. Here is the general price change of the low chem players and how they changed in price over FUTMAS:

For this example I’ve equated Diego Lopez in FIFA 18 to Adan in FIFA 19…

Here are how prices changed throughout the end of November and December:

As we can see there was some general fluctuation throughout December between 1-2k which for a smaller budget, makes an amazing mass purchase. The problem with this however is that if you have a larger budget, you won’t have enough time to buy and sell the amount of cards you need to. This means that there are better avenues for higher budgets…

The same goes for players with higher rating

84 Rated Low Chem:

85 Rated Low Chem:

83 Rated High Chem:

What we can see here is that the player price in the hype before the even is high, at 1900 coins for a high chem 83 before the event starts. For the first couple of days, we see no use for these cards due to their rating, dropping down to 1.2k, where they then begin to be required for SBCs, rising significantly, capping out at 2.7k per card.

84 High Chem:

These cards were already sat at a very high price of almost 5k, so this rise in price was very significant, moving up to 9k over the month

85 High Chem:

The reason that these cards haven’t risen significantly is that high rated players weren’t needed all too often. Whilst they still rose in price, more often than not the rating requirements were low, meaning that lower chem cards were being used and then lower rated high chem players were placed into solutions much more often.

The best NIF investment?

Get in early with those high chem 83 Rated players as they didn’t bounce up and down in price and instead only really went up in price throughout the event, being needed constantly. If you’re on an extremely high budget, picking up 84 Rated players could be much better, with them also constantly rising, but you will simply have to buy much less cards in order to spend your entire budget.

If you have a high budget, load up on these cards and play the waiting game. On a lower budget, pick up the cheaper 83s and look to buy and sell whenever they’re bouncing between prices.

TOTW Investing

As many people know already, TOTW cards will be rising a lot as we get towards FUTMAS, as well as throughout the event too. Let’s take a look at FIFA 18 and TOTW 11

If we start by looking at low rating (80 and lower) as well as low chem, we can see that a Player such as Vydra is similar to that of Nardi from FIFA 19s current TOTW, number 11

Here is a graph of IF Vydra and his price changes:

As you can see, it’s pretty insignificant. The player just wasn’t high enough rated to be put into most SBCs as well as very difficult to link into high chem teams. Because of this, there was very little change in price and so I strongly recommend staying far away from cards like this. With that said, demand still pushed prices of these types of cards up to 16.5k so if these are cards you want in your club, I would pick them up now.

Next let’s look at 81 Rated TOTW Lang, from FIFA 18. He doesn’t have any good links but does have the 81 rating:

The price change here really isn’t that significant either, pushing prices up to 18k a card, but a small bump in price on the 21st taking cards to around the 20k mark, presumably due to FUTMAS Card SBCs that contained very popular rewards at a much lower price point, needing more TOTW cards than usual, in comparison to Chemistry and rating.

82 Rated TOTW:

Here we once again see the same pattern but with slightly high price points.

83 Rated TOTW:

A problem here is that 83 Rated TOTW cards are a bit of a rarity and so one of the few that we’re relevant around the time included Manuel Fernandes. I believe his price rose significantly before the event due to both hype for it as well as the stats on the card.

The price capping out at 36k for an 83 is a huge change in price, especially when they say at around 26k during. This brings me onto these two players for FIFA 19 TOTW 11:

These two are looking extremely strong on the chemistry frontier, which means that they will burst in price very quickly, so I recommend jumping into these players earlier rather than later. Some seriously high prices for these cards to come.

84 Rated TOTW:

You can see here that the higher rated TOTWs managed to touch on 30k for low chem but this was as high as 40k on the higher chem players.

That makes some of these players look like incredible choices:

It’s only a matter of time before they begin to rise.

I suggest only going with TOTW cards if you have the budget. These are low risk and high profit but also double up as Icon SBC investments (both Base Icon Guarantee and Icon Set 4), which means there are definitely chances for these cards to seriously rise very quickly.

After December 7th, we will be seeing prices rising, do not be liquid with your coins after this. It would be much smarter to invest early too!

The final investment that most guys are in on are 86 rated players. Here’s how they changed in FIFA 18:

This isn’t very impressive. If we receive some big SBCs, then this will certainly be a different story, but capping out at 22k is not something you want to see, when you could be making so much more with different cards.

Overall, look for the players that are best for your budget and invest wisely. Don’t be greedy, EA could do something completely different this year, especially since we haven’t seen any FUTMAS cards in the games database. Anything could happen, be prepared and stay updated with my Twitter for further analysis, YouTube for update videos and Twitch for general FIFA talk, starting alongside the release of FUTMAS

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