Let’s start this off by saying we should already be in quite a bit of profit right now as a result of the new Dani Alves FlashBack SBC

These requibments have seriously pushed up the value of some of our 86s. Whilst most are up just a little, some are up much more

For this reason, I have sold off my 86 Rated players now, as I don’t believe we’re getting an Base Icon SBC any time soon

If you have read my FUTMAS guide you will know that I believe 86 rated cards won’t rise as much as people think that they will be needed much more than what they’d really be used

I believe that if you wait longer, you could squeeze out some extra profit from these cards but by doing so, you’re heavily reducing the profit you can make from our next investments

There are many more avenues we could go down…

Im splitting this guide up into two different routes, for both small budgets and big budgets.

Small Budgets

If you’re on a smaller budget, I cannot stress enough how important it will be to pick up 83 rated cards now, and to sell on the 13th and early on the 14th. This is when the hype for SBCs will kick in heavily.

Pick up these players at prices 1.3k very maximum. I would seriously try to pick up at 1.2k if possible though, and I recommend doing this NOW. If you leave it longer, you will lose out on profit.

The reason for this is that we’re investing for the FUTMAS hype, as this will bring players up from 1.2k up to 1.8-2.0k. After tax, this is profits of around 58% meaning that 500k in can result in 290k back out. The turnaround on these cards can be huge

Big Budgets

If you’re on a bugger budget like me, investing over 6.5m into 83 Rated players isn’t advisable, as it would take me buying around 5,500 cards. That’s going to take way too long. Instead we’re looking at TOTW cards, as these still have large profit returns, as well as being much quicker to spend your budget on.

The cards I’m looking at are good chemistry 81s. This is because they rose from 12k up to 17k, which returns 34.5% of your investment after tax, however this is also a cross investment for Icon Set 4. With every set we’ve seen, we’ve also received an SBC that needs 3x TOTWs and Returns a 50k Pack, which pushes 81s up to 14k anyway, along with 81s sometimes going higher when put into SBC solutions for any rating requirements on the Icon Set SBCs.

Because of this, I’m looking at some of these players here:

If we see these cards rise because of Icons, I will be selling up and buying back a few days later. If not, we will continue to hold until the 14th where they should be at their highest

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