TOTS is over, and FUTTIES is in full force. With almost 200 special cards in packs, there has been a lot of players returning to FIFA despite TOTS being done.

Now that FIFA 19 is coming closer and closer to the end of its life cycle, players are more than willing to spend coins on packs for the chance to pack some great players.

Here is where we make out money.

Tons of packs being opened with coins means that the value of the market will drop significantly. No coins to spend on players means no buying power and the market takes a hit all around.

Also with so many higher rated special cards in packs at once, players are packing high rated special cards more often than they’re packing regular NIF gold cards with a high rating.

The result of this is that high rated special cards become cheaper than regular golds at the same rating.

Here is an example of that:

As you can see, a player like Rebic is around 5k cheaper than other 88 rated players.

Some of these special cards will be going out of packs on Wednesday 10th July 18:00 GMT. Some however may go out of packs on Wednesday 17th July 18:00 GMT as well as others on Wednesday 24th July 18:00 GMT with 3 batches of players going in and out of packs.

When the supply of these cards stop, the prices begin to rise as players use these cards in SBC solutions on FUTBIN, causing prices to rise, and fast.

We can expect these players that are cheaper than the gold to rise to a few thousand coins more than the golds once out of packs.

This will also be sped up significantly as more and more FUTTIES SBCs drop and players want cheap solutions to get their high rated cards.

Here is a list of players currently cheaper than golds of the same rating (some of them may drop a few thousand coins throughout the day, so look out for good prices)

With this only being batch 1 of cards to choose from, look out for Batch 2 and 3 where more investment opportunities may come around!

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