The full team is finally here and also in packs!

These cards are very expensive too, which we should keep in mind when looking at these cards. With the release of new expensive cards, also comes the mass opening of packs, and take a look at what’s gone too cheap…

Here is a look at the cheapest available 82 Rated TOTW cards

What’s the first thing you notice?

It should be that we have 2 players from this TOTW, that not only are in a great position (CB), but also provide tons of chemistry links!

These cards will rise the most once out of packs, however I wouldn’t wait on picking these cards up, as we’re getting tons of SBCs for more of these Future Stars (FS) Players too.

So what will the requirements be?

Let’s take a look at the first available SBC to get an idea:

The main theme of the requirements depends on the player in question, in this case, it’s Joe Gomes

The SBC heavily revolves around the League, Nation and Team as well as needing high Rating, chemistry and TOTWs.

Similarly to Icon SBCs, many players won’t complete this card due to costing over 500k, despite him looking like an extremely good overall card.

So if we knew the players that make it as SBCs, then we can work out some great investments, which brings us to some more news, that Olympique-Lyon leaked one of the players…

That player is Ndombele, who will be wanted by a whole load of players.

What we can gather some info on what will be needed and this is high rated, Ligue 1, French TOTW players that offer chemistry, and who would offer this?

If we look back to earlier, Da Silva is the exact guy for the job, whilst not covering the team, this isn’t going to be insanely important, instead covering all these other areas is more than enough and at his current price, should no be overlooked at all. Less packs will be opened after today and so I expect prices to begin rising tomorrow (on these TOTW players only. The FS players will continue to drop whilst in packs)

As a result, Da Silva looks like an amazing choice. None the less, if for whatever reason, none of this is the case, we are also covered due to available Icon SBCs, and POTM SBCs needing TOTWs and chemistry. As soon as these guys are out of packs, they’re hitting 18k at least, with the possibility of reach around 19-20k too, so we are covered anyway on this investment.

As we can see that as a result of today’s SBCs, as well as previously available SBCs, Keane is sat close to 20k as it is

If you can pick him up at 17k and under on XB1 then do so, as this is a great price, however I believe that FUTBIN simply hasn’t updated his price properly.

I will also recommend a previously made guide by me for link investing when we get new cards: Click Here

For now, I’m very interested in the objective card that we received, and his is because he will be a very accessible card for many players

Keeping link investing in mind, I believe that there will be some good options come Wednesday when more players have earned this card and also when higher rated TOTW players drop in price (due to packs being opened throughout the week)

A fantastic card and a fantastic price, he won’t be dropping that much more but we will continue to wait to pick him up anyway as there is no need to buy him now when there could be more options and potentially better ones in the coming few days as players start performing well and earning their way into TOTW 19, so keep an eye on this card! 36k will probably be his lowest so lookout for this price and get him in your club!

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