The latest set of players has been revealed for the new promo

These players look like they will range from around 84-85 rated, up to 92, maybe 93. This promo has great potential.

Lots of players will not only look to open packs, but also they will start to replace players in teams. This could cause some serious impact on the market and push the prices of older TOTW cards down, as well as other special cards.

The biggest changes to the market will occur when a player drops that directly replaces another card.

Let’s start by taking a look as a confirmed player and how it changed another player…

Take a look at the new Vinicius Junior Card, he is in direct completion for any special LW card, especially if they’re Brazilian, from Real Madrid, or for LaLiga, and the more in common the new card has to the older card, the more it will effect the older card. One Brazilian LW card that comes to mind is Anderson:

You can see there was a small drop off in price once the card was announced, and this seems to have happened on a small scale across a lot of special cards. This effect will be much larger once these cards are finally in packs.

This is something to look out for if you have a team already, so make sure to sell up in case a card drops that pushes your cards down heavily. Alternatively, these cards could have very low pack weight, being so high rated, and so they will be expensive and the special cards that they would replace will actually stay at the current price or even rise slightly (but not significantly enough to profit off of)

With that said, on the table is still the possibility of picking up OTW cards before the OTW Winter promo

25k for any of these is still a very good price, so 100% look out for anything that drops to 23k or under during this promo. Anything less is going to be big money come the start of next month!

Another great shout is 83 rated players. With a new promo, we’re expecting some SBCs to run along side them:

You can use the Bundesliga as a great cross investment for Bundesliga POTM

Currently the LaLiga players look solid as they provide lots of chemistry at a very cheap price.

Everything 84+ is very inflated right now and with lots of SBCs ending tomorrow (from TOTY) and packs being opened, I’m expecting their prices to start dropping a ton. There is a good chance that players will drop too much and we will look to jump in on anything that drops too low.

I recommend completing some of the EPL League SBCs as many of these have very good pack rewards and you could pull yourself one of these new cards when they’re at their most expensive tomorrow.

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