No time to babble on with this article, we’re picking Van De Beek’s 81 Rated TOTW card for 11.5k and under. Get bidding and get sniping, there is tons to be made in this investment, but we need to be buying before 18:00 GMT so there isn’t much time left!

Icon SBCs should be dropping at 18:00 GMT tonight and this means that 81 Rated TOTW cards will fly, especially Van De Beek, because he is in packs he will be in every solution of FUTBIN which can drive his price up to 14k!

This is a return of 15.6% in such a short period of time! The reason we aren’t buying for more is that if the SBC doesn’t drop, he won’t rise in price and we will be stuck with loads of cards. Alternatively, if TOTW cards aren’t needed then he won’t rise either. These cards will sell for 12.5-13k to lazy buyer so if it flops, we can keep relisting or alternatively continue to hold because we’re expecting TOTW SBCs starting next week, and the hype for them will push prices up anyway.

Sell time is 18:30 GMT given that Icon SBCs drop! Get involved quick!

If you can pick up other 81 Rated TOTW cards for 11.5k too then do so!

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