So yesterday I let you guys know that picking up players looks like a good deal, which is still the case. Unfortunately for us, MattHDGamer dropped his Black Friday Video today, earlier than I had expected.

If you haven’t seen that video by him, you can watch it here

If you didn’t read yesterday’s guide, you can also read that one here

Overall, Matts video has caused the market to drop just a little more. This is all about to change for Thursday rewards as prices will pull straight back up tomorrow for the Weekend League. That makes tonight another window to buy if you haven’t already. If you have investments still, I recommend holding onto them still.

Our sell time for our cards will be tomorrow, any time after 14:00 GMT, when teams are being made and rewards have already been opened.

The influx of coins and the now lower than ever prices will make buyers push these prices up heavily. Go back to yesterday’s article to look who I recommend picking up.

Personally, I have gone in heavily with Alba and Firmino, however I think there are tons of options and there are no real ways of telling who will rise the most. Tonight’s article is only a short one because this is simply as much as there is to say, as this is more of an update to yesterday’s article.

UCL cards are worth looking at, as they have once again dropped. Try to bid on them as you will get much better deals than simply buy it now prices, and once again look to sell tomorrow afternoon with rewards!

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