As many of you guys may already be aware, I’m currently running a Paid Subscription Service that offers trading guides to a very small group of followers looking to make coins, but I’m currently unhappy with this completely

As a result, I have acted on my word and have reinvented the entire service as a whole, and plan to create something that truly aims to make something that is of extremely great value to you guys (as well as other traders, who should skip to the very end)

Not only this, but as a result I will be dramatically improving my current free content also, so that I can offer you guys an incredibly higher standard of work, to the whole community.

I have made some changes to my website, which you can check out here. (You’re already on the website now, where this post is being hosted!)

The idea behind this project is firstly to create much more free content for you guys to read, as you may have seen guides in the past that I’m much more proud of (check out a one here to see the quality!)

FUTMAS Investing

I want to make more content like this for you guys to read so that everyone can get involved with my work.

The next part is to create an unbelievable experience for paying subscribers. This is for anyone that would like further help with trading than with how far any regular content you see on Twitter goes.

What this means is that I’ve taken complaints and compliments from users that have joined subscription services and am looking to create as close to the perfect service I can from this. To ensure that this continues in this fashion, il also be sending out Feedback Forms every Month that you guys can fill in if you would like and I will use this to make relevant changes for the best possible experience for all.

My new and improved subscription service will include:

High Detail Trading Guides

I’m planning to bring out as much content as possible for you guys depending on what is available, everything from Ones To Watch, Player of the Month and Team of the Well, down to FUTSWAPs, FlashBack SBCs and other upcoming events in FIFA. Not only will I be helping to choose specific players, but explaining everything behind our investments

Private Discord Server

This is to create a place where we can discuss trading and investments together, so that if something pops up suddenly, we can begin talking about it immediately, as well as help to create investments that are much more personalised to each subscriber

Constant Change

The idea behind this service isn’t to buy into a set product. The idea is to have an actual service that has been created to keep changing depending on what provides you guys, the subscribers with the best experience

Extra Content

Whilst I believe that il be able to make plenty of content for you guys to consume, il also be looking to pay other content creators to provide you guys with extra posts. What this means is that we can also get an outside perspective on trading from other traders, provide you guys with even more content than before, as well as help out other content creators in the community that may not have time to run an entire paid service but would still like to make some kind of earnings for their work

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