Today we’ve seen a huge surprise in the form of the brand new Headliners Promo!

If you don’t know what these do, they’re essentially the same as OTW cards, except are always +1 upgrade above the best player upgrade.

So for example, Rashford has an 84 Rated TOTW, and so his Headliner Card is the next upgrade up, which is 86 rated.

These cards are given out to players that are performing well in their league and already creating TOTW worthy performances.

Just take a look at these…

There are a total of 9 players with 1 TOTW, 6 players with 2x TOTWs and 4 players with 3x TOTWs.

So essentially what we want to start doing is treating these cards like we would with OTWs, by following these players in each match they play that could earn them a TOTW, MOTM or RB, then these guys are also going up in price

How will their prices change?

Throughout the next week, I expect even more SBCs to drop with pack rewards, as well as plenty of promo packs too. As a result, prices will continue to drop slowly on all of these players whilst they’re in packs.

I don’t suggest investing in these players whilst they’re in packs, but this comes with a couple of exceptions:

• If they’re set to get into TOTW once again, then once the match is over, wait a few hours before buying the card. This will be the cards lowest point as from here, players will start to buy into the card as they expect him to be upgraded in the following TOTW. This is exactly the same as how we plan to invest in OTW. Both OTW and Headliner cards will make their way into TOTW predictions and begin to rise heavily on Sunday nights and Mondays if they’re in plenty of predictions

• If we see some kind of sudden heavy supply on these cards. Let’s say we are somehow given a pack that guarantees a Tradable Headliner Player, this will temporarily drop the price of these players too much and so a few hours later they will rebound. This is similar to how everyone opens packs at 18:00 when the new players are released and so the supply is coming quick. After this time, people stop opening packs and so the supply slows right down again, but now people want to try out these new cards, and so we see prices change like this…

Headliner Werner

As we can see, once in packs they drop a lot in price and then when the supply stops, the prices begin to rise. Once they have risen, they slowly begin to drop throughout the week. This can already be seen in another card

Headliner Son

It’s very much worth noting that it’s not just the players in packs, and instead there are some players available through alternative methods, where 1 is a weekly objective, and the other is an SBC

One thing that I find very odd is that we have been given 19 players in packs and 2 other players, totalling just 21 players. In most promos, we’ve seen more players than simply 21, usually around 24+ players.

This leads me to believe we will see even more SBC players drop over the week, potentially every couple of days, meaning the next player will drop on Sunday. We don’t often see content on a Sunday so it could be pushed back until Monday, or we could get another SBC tomorrow (Saturday) and then one on Monday too.

So what we can do is try to predict some of the players that could drop, which is a bit of a problem…

Here’s all the players with 3 TOTW cards

The only 2 not to get a Headliner are Cancelo, who already has a OTW and so a headliner would render his OTW almost useless, and then there is also Felipe Anderson, but we have already just has Arnautovic, another Premier League player, as an SBC, and on top of this they’re even the same club, pushing down Anderson’s chances of getting an SBC card down heavily, which leaves us with no other players…

So if we look into the players with 2 TOTW Cards, we find a very extensive list:

That’s a total of 52 players! If we minus any of them that have a 3rd TOTW, we’re left with 46 players, and then anyone with a live card, like OTW or UCL Live, or even the Headliner promo already, we’re left with 36 players. Taking away the lower rated cards (84 and under) too leaves us with 18 players.

18 players is still very difficult to nail down to players we could see as an SBC.

In the headliner promo we have this many players from each league…

  • EPL: 4 + 1 SBC
  • Serie A: 4
  • Bundesliga: 3 + 1 Weekly Objective
  • Eredivisie: 2
  • Ligue 1: 3
  • LaLiga: 3

I expect us to likely get a Ligue 1 and LaLiga player in SBCs soon because of this.

If anyone has a better way to nail down who could get a Headliner SBC, feel free to suggest them and your reasoning in the Discord Chat.

Either way, requirements will be along the same lines as the current SBC, which are as follows:

These SBCs remind me straight away of the FFS promo we had very recently. I believe that these SBCs, along with EPL POTM dropping on Friday 8th, there is going to be some huge demand for TOTW cards.

That’s why I’m heavily recommending these players as picks (prices are pretty much exactly the same on both consoles):


84 Rated TOTW Cards should never drop under 20k. They’re always worth more than this once out of packs, and so a usable striker that is also easy to link, at this price is amazing. A great pickup under 20k


Exactly the same goes for Benitez as it does with Donnarumma. No reason to be under 20k. He is however a GK which devalues him more than outfield players, but shouldn’t be overlooked none the less, in the case that we need Ligue 1 players for any of the upcoming Headliner SBCs


A third player in this TOTW at 20k or under, but this time he is a Bundesliga Player, and whilst the Bundesliga POTM isn’t for a while (Friday 15th), this is one of the few opportunities to get yourself a great prices Bundesliga player. There is just no risk to this card at all at 20k


Over the past few FIFA titles, we’ve seen Hilton show up as an 84 Rated TOTW at one point or another. Every time he has eventually hit 40k+ because he is used in SO MANY SBC SOLUTIONS. He’s so easy to link, provides great chem in Icon SBCs and just keeps going up in price slowly once out of packs. If you’re playing the long waiting game, hold onto this card for a few weeks and come back to see him at 35k, he’s one of my more favourable investments this week

Joan Jordan

By far my favourite investment that we have seen in such a long time. Whilst I did just say how great Hilton will be, this card takes the win so much more. This card will be 40k+ in a matter of a few weeks EASY. Just look at how Spanish TOTW players rise in price once out of packs, simply due to how much they’re used in SBC solutions everywhere:

77 rated Spanish TOTWs have hit over 20k on their own.

81 rated ones are the same price as this 84, and in fact, his first TOTW is more expensive at 25.5k!!!

82 and 83 Rated players hit 30k and stretch to 40k+ too

84 rated Spanish TOTWs are 32k+ and we have one at 23k… that’s a stupid cheap price.

To add to this even more, he is a CM, and CM cards are even more valuable. The most expensive type of SBC fodder is an 84 Rated, Spanish CM and this card fits exactly that at a stupidly cheap price. If you don’t buy this card in bulk, you shouldn’t be allowed to have coins.

This card will be 35k in a couple weeks and 40k+ a week or so after that. So this is where pretty much all of my coins are going.

Don’t miss out, buy him now, you will regret not picking him up, because even if we have to wait a month to sell him, you will still make more coins buying and selling this card alone, than you will flipping cards every day of that month.

Buy Now, not at the end of the week because we could see SBCs drop that cause prices to increase sooner rather than later, and these TOTWs are not dropping in price any more as Icon SBCs will retain their value.

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