Tonight I want to talk about a few trading methods you can take advantage of, as well as some investments too!

Lazy Trading

This method is half way between selling to lazy buyers as well as some of the easiest trading you can do.

Right now, TOTW players are up in price, and this also means that the extremely cheap TOTWs do still have some value.

So what we can do is purchase TOTW cards at a very low price and sell them for just a little bit of profit per card. This method is completely risk free as you can just discard the cards if you don’t want to hold them anymore + they gain value once out of packs and so you will always make coins off of these cards…

Start by entering this filter…

From here, skip to the 59th minute (here’s what I found)

Next, purchase any TOTW you find, and relist them up for 12,500 coins.

They won’t always sell, but do sell quite often, for a total of 375-1,625 per card. Whilst this isn’t much, it’s a very simple method for just buying a ton, listing them up and forgetting about them, relisting them every hour.

This method takes minimal effort and can return (if 100 slots are used) 37,500-162,500 coins every hour!

Headliner Special Bug

If you didn’t know already, Headliner cards don’t appear on the market under the special filter. Take a look here:

However, if we use no filter or the the gold filter, and use the prices to filter down to Sommers regular price, we will find him:

Lots of players aren’t aware that this is the case. Because of this, we can filter down to the new Headliner cards, and bid on them. There is much less competition on these cards, especially at 19:00 GMT (1 hour after promo packs, when lots of these cards are freshly listed and about to expire).

That means that we can win cards much cheaper than you would with other special cards

Not only this, but because buyers struggle to find these cards, they often need to scroll through pages of the regular gold cards and will purchase a card we list up at a slightly higher price. It makes it very easy to list players 10k higher than their actual price and get a few lazy buyers.

If you’re looking to purchase any of these players, bidding is the way to go, however we should see some very cheap prices on Tuesday-Thursday when Lunar New Year packs are being opened, as well as rewards dropping on Thursday.

This can be done with any of the Headliner cards, however I would use the cheaper players instead.

TOTW/OTW Investing

Once again I’m recommending the 84 Rated TOTWs as I have huge confidence in these cards (I won’t go through all of the reasons again!)

There is some suspicion with the current promo replacing the OTW Winter promo. Promotions like these have to be planned months in advanced, and so this Headliner promo was already in place months ago. What further proves this is that this is the case is that the new Headliners have dynamic images, which can takes weeks to get the rights to add.

Also, in the background before you load up FIFA 19, you can see that there are promo images that are blue and pink, in the exact same scheme as OTW cards. This leads me to believe that we are still getting a OTW promo.

The Headliner promo has caused a lot of panic around the old OTW cards and so they’ve dropped down to 20k. It could be very worth while investing into these cards due to the possibility of a OTW Winter promo still dropping being quite likely.

To make the investment much more safe, pick up players that will hold value and won’t drop further:

(Worth noting that Vrsaljko could drop a bit more out of these, but won’t hit discard)

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