Have you ever wondered if you’re REALLY getting all of the search results? With millions of cards listed on the market, surely there are more of some players what you are really seeing. EA would never admit to filtering out results if they did, so I guess we can’t confirm this…

Until now that is. I can PROVE that EA hide listings from people, and even better than that, I can show you exactly HOW to find these secret listings with this guide.

If you haven’t shared this guide, please do as it help me to grow my channel and also helps to not only expose EA, but teach everyone how to find these listings, so we can buy our teams and investments at their true prices

1. Normal Search for players

To start this off, we want to search for our players like we normally would. For this example, il be filtering my search results down to Icons in the 1,200,000 and 1,600,000 coins range. The reason for this is that the biggest effect of this filtering is that Icon traders may not be getting the cheapest prices truest available to them. For example check out @SpinBros complaining about the search results, they knew something was up:

Here is me using the filter:

Here are the results I’ve been shown:

As you can see quite clearly, there are only 4 listings of Icons between the prices of 1.2-1.6m with 19 minutes or less time before they expire. Now I will perform the trick to showing ALL results…

2. Performing the Steps

All you have to do on console is press X on XB1 or Square on PS4, to compare the price of a player. Whilst the comparisons are loading, spam B on XB1 or Circle on PS4 to immediately Back out of this menu. If done quick enough, the results will update and you will find tons more results.

If you don’t see any change, simply repeat the two steps of comparing price and backing out until the results update.

(Note: In the case that you are looking at all of the available results, for example when you filter search results down heavily to just a couple of cards, like when sniping, this will do nothing as you will already be seeing every available result)

If you’re on the Companion App, these steps are very similar. First you want to click on any player and then press “Compare Price”

From here, spam the back button in the top left until you come back to the original search. You should now see more results than before. If not, repeat these steps of clicking any player, comparing their price and spamming the back button. The menu should bug out and update showing you more results than before

3. Enjoy ALL available listings

Originally, I found just 4 results under 19 minutes. Here are all of the results I found once performing the steps to show all listings:

You can see the exact same Shearer at the start of the list too. Using this trick I managed to find an entire 34 results instead of 4. That is 30 cards that didn’t appear originally in the 19 minute expiring timer, with the exact same filter.

This is 100% proof that EA filters out players from your results. Please share to help let people know that this is real, and try it yourself if you don’t believe it.

Remember you won’t always perform the trick first try and can take a few tries but will still happen relatively quickly.

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